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Skyrim Mod Tool v2.5


ok mumph i guess i’ll have to try loading my laggy skyrim for pc -_- and doing it the old fashioned way XD


of course, i see this the day after i get all the stat achievements


Yes you can do that too if you feel for it =)
But i like SmallZzy’s work here :smiley:

I normaly not modder, but i like to test out edditors!


SmallZzy? Found out whats bugging us?


Yea i tryed several ways to mod the stats, i even tryed doing it through hex editor, but it messed up the save, so im going to take that away, and add different stuff. Might add my Rehash and Resigner to it as well.


Thats good to have a Rehash and Resigner in the tool :wink:
Good Luck with the tool in the future :smiley:


WooP can’t wait for resign and rehash


Yeah the editor doesn’t work properly for me either, you’ve made a lot of headway in these few days though, keep up the good work. If any one has a chance, could you mod my game save to have 1m gold? Don’t want too much… I just want to be able to buy a enough lockpicks and ingots to get 100 smithing and lockpicking, stuff like that XD.

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My program keeps becoming “unresponsive.” Any help or suggestions?


Take some time to load, mine too is unresponsive when i do it but at the end it wil be fine…
But let he finish his work, we have had some problems with this version…
So wait to he have fixed his codes :wink:


He’s probably using a search function, which is why it’ll go unresponsive for while.


Btw, do you think its some other way ? So it take not that long time? :smile:


Well could someone Mod mine if their program doesnt take as long?


Go hereThe Elder Scrolls Series - XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards and make a request or find a thread where you can post your request :smile:

Think here is the right place to go :smiley:


i tried the 2.0 always a prob with it… cant get it to work…freezes and quits responding…


Does nobody read the description?? It takes a few minutes to load


why does it always says it stops working


Like SmallZzy said it take some to load… -.- … It may freezes and stop responding… but just wait and it work



Ive stopped work on this tool but will get back to it sometime soon, just finishing up the skylight tool at the moment.