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Skyrim Mod Tool v2.5


Good luck with the skylight tool then :smile:


Hey Smallzzy help me out please… Whenever i go to load my save into the program it just says that the Skyrim program mis not responding… idk what to do. HELP PLEASE!


I forgot to say that after a while a message pops up and says that it is out of range or something like that… idk what to do haha.


When you try to load the program say often “not responding” or “out of range” maybe freeze…
It take a loooong time too load … You just have to wait, try to load the save then you can watch tv for 2 - 5 min then come back and it work…

And please cant you read some of the last massages??? Then we dont need to tell every singel person how to do it… -.-

SmallZzy… almost look like you need a suport manager :stuck_out_tongue:


Sooo I followed the directions exactly and it didnt work out for me. every number that came up is wrong for the stats and I have two numbers that popped up in the barrel spaces, neither of witch are the amount of gold. Any pointers?


okay i know a million people have said this but it doesnt work. i do everything right, im not a idiot iv modded games before, and i know you have to wait awhile for it to load, but after awhile it comes ur domain is out of range or something like that. idk what to do :l all i want is gold i could care less about stats and stuff but all i need is gold.


:lol: Thanks, First Time Anyone Did That For Me


ehhhh, cant see your pics uuelanaeq41…

Btw people "Yes it has been problem with v.2.0 …
So i think SmallZzy did not get it right, but for some it works…
I have testet with myself, the stats edit never work…
But the gold editor sometimes work, i tested like 35 saves
7 of the save got i the gold editor to work… -.-

But let SmallZzy to get his other program done and we see back on this later :smiley:


Corrupted archive file, need fix! Please get on this, it would be most appreciated


Great Job :smiley:


Please help. everytime i open the tool and after i extract my save it freezes and says not responding any fixes or tips to fix this? please help thanks


As i said before, the program take a loon loading when you try to open a file…
It may “freezes and says not responding” but in the end it wil work…


So in the future we will be seeing editors able to edit stats, gold etc?


With this can you get any armor that you want say deatrik or does that not work on it(yes i know i spelled the armor name wrong DEAL WITH IT)


will this let me edit weather i got vampirism and lycanthropy? good work by the way.


No this wil not do smothing with vampirism ect.
This is for gold and stats :wink:


I downloaded it, but it doesn’t work. Can someone send me a link to a tutorial? It keeps freezing on me, and then when it comes through, it says something is to large, or something like that. Need help please.


i cant open with winrar or open alone


Download this program to unzip it 7 Zip


everyone who wants money and skills but no unlimeted health ill put up a save that has this its good