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Skyrim Mod Tool v2.5


code from this in theirs.


it dosen’t work the program freezes when you open the save


Thank you and I hope you continue to work on this in the future.


When I try it on mine it says “Index is out of range”. What does that mean?

Thanks! :thumbsup:


Same here


Im sorry for the delay ill fix it tonight


Gl :thumbsup:


Whenever I try to load my save up in v2.0, the program freezes for about 5 minutes, then I see this:

And once I click OK on that messagebox, a new one like this shows up 4 or 5 times:

Here’s my gamesave in case you need it: Save 37 - Derp Skyrim 59.34.27.exs


I get the same error. I hope there is a fix.


New tool should be up in a few hours, just finishing up the coding.




new mod tool? :anguished:


New update? :smile:


Didnt promise it would be up yet, but i will now, i promise ill have it up later today after i get a bit of sleep.


Updated to run quicker and smoother. Had to remove Gold Editor.


will test it now and let you know if it works

EDIT: Didn’t work. i get this error

Cannot download the application. The application is missing required files. please contact the vendor for assistance.




Worked flawlessly.
Keep up the good work!!!


Why would anyone wanna edit their ingame stats? It’s useless


So they can get there stat achievements easier plus some actually count toward game play, like bounty, i added 999999999 bounty to my winterhold bounty amd they tried to kill me!