App Horizon

Skyrim Mod Tool v2.5


Fixed in v1.5


Still no luck downloaded new one…i dropped 1500 in barrel and followed step on how to page of mod tool.

1500 is still in barrel and 480 something in pocket.

Nothing else in barrel.


Gimme your save.


I kniow a few mod tools make a backup save. Maybe some of you instead of putting the new save back into horizon you are just putting the old one in? Haven’t got the new tool yet but I will tonight and test it to see what the problem is some of you are having


i alredy hex all my stuff but i will give it a shoot and let u no in about 2 min


Ive modded about 10+ saves now with this tool, and tested it in game and it worked, just people on here cant follow ****ing instructions!!!


everyting work for me lol


too bad that i alredy hex everyting but great tool


Finally some1 with common sense on how to work tool


An actual Full - On Mod Program would be nice, But I like this :smile:


I know what I am doing. Its not rocket science on to do this. Take big save and pull out the savedata mod that and then inject it back into the big save and then inject full new save back onto save device.

Before someone says something I did rehash and resign.


**** it, im releasing a stat editor integrated into this in a few hours:thumbsup:


Love this tool, bad im away and cant test it :smiley:


Ya but what I am saying is some mod tools make a new save that has .bak at the end of it. I’ve had the problem before that when I modded a save the new modded file was saved into my documents and not on my desktop so I had to look for the file that was modded. Not saying its the tools fault but does it have a set save destination on it or is it user pref?

Also I looked at the pic on the first page? Does this tool have a save feature? If not youi should really put one in. The problem could be that when people mod the gold its not saving it when they put it in their file. Maybe they are closing the program before they rehash and its not taking when they move it.


It saves to the file that you opened in the editor.


it didnt work for me. i followed the instuctions on the how to tab and that wasnt enough so i watch your vid on youtube of how to do it and that vid linked to this thread so i know its the same thing but it still didnt work. idk why but for some reason when i open the save it says i have 26 gold in the barrel buy i put 1792 in the barrel. so if you know what is happening please help me


Add lockpicks?


Fixed my mistake was actually really easy after i found out the issue there was 1 thing i never did (stepped away) from the barrel but great sad that max gold is 100m tho not for your mod but for the game itself anyway thanks and cant wait for stat editor


Thats my issue as well. Ill drop 1500 in barrel and then when I open it in editor it says I have 23 in barrel it always says 23.

Never 1500…how can I fix this or do i actually have to walk away somewhere.


Heres what ya do ingame put exactly 1500 coins in.walk back looking at the barrel until it cant be acces (u cant click A) than save.put that save file on Usb using horizon extract to desktop, open v1.5 wait a few secs to load it will come up 1500 coins chance to 100,000,000(game limit) save rehash etc, after done top left hand corner(horizon) inject file…after complete run usb to xbox with all your might go memory move to consol hd(or play from usb for test) load saveed mod walk to barrel open theres ur gold with all its might!

and note doing this mod WILL give the 100k achieve on xbox.