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why hack it if your a noob at the game?
you should play through fairly for the first time otherwise itll ruin the game…


I did everything, but when I load the game ans press “Start” and then “Continue” it keeps saying disk unreadable.


I want one like this, minus the barrel.


I have to be doing something wrong, because I’m still getting the same numbers. And like another said, whenever I go back into the editor, I get the same wanted numbers that I put in from before. But I can’t figure out for the life what I could be messing up (and yes, I did step away from the barrel).

Looks like I will have to grind this out manually. Fudge-monkeys…


Send me your save and what you want.


If I sent You My Save Would You Be able to get me a lot of gold & weapons armor spells etc? (Anything will do) But please let me know in a PM since i don’t get on to much but when i do i normally go straight to my inbox.


Careful with this tool. Broke my save. Followed all instructions correctly and only tried giving myself about 100k gold.


SmallzZy, I could help you with your tool if you’d like. There’s nothing to do right now.


Thanks, but at the moment im just doing a bit of research for the inventory and stuff, but i cant guarantee there will be a inventory mod in the next update, but thanks anyway


If anyone can get this save ( Save 174 - Uber Dragonsreach Jarl’s .exs ) To level 80 for me, I would much appreciate it. Please PM me if anyone can? Thanks in advance :thumbsup:


It’s just compressed…


when the modified the xbox not open the save game closes the game

this my save game MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service


I already worked thanks :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


Hey guys, this is my first post and I am having some trouble with the editor. I have played through the main story a few times and I now I just want to make a god character. It seems that SmallZzy is doing a great job progress-wise and I look forward to seeing the completed product. I am in no rush to mod the game, but I have been online once or twice a week looking for an inventory editor for Skyrim (I don’t trust the ones on youtube) and I’m a little surprised to see that there isn’t one out yet with all the saves being supplied and the amount of time that the game has been out. Anyway, keep up the great work SmallZzy. Can’t wait 'til you’re finished.


Well done …

The whole save is a massive structure which only a few people know how to parse. The global data(s) are compressed yes, but not the whole save.

If you think its so easy make an editor your self, and I gaurantee you that doing it the way the author of this post is doing it you will never get the money offset. The bytes before and after the money address is never the same, the data inside each section is never in the same order, you actually have to parse the whole save to get the correct results. Even the Horizon Oblivion tool is not perfect, sometimes you get incorrect values, that must show to all the noobs here who think its easy how hard it acutally is.


Hey smallzzy, i send u a pm, this is what it said

Hey man,
I tried using the editor and it didn’t work. I have 91 gold in a barrel in Whiterun. The editor says there’s 9999999 gold in the barrel but I only see 91 in game. Here’s my save game, help me out?


Save 188 - Tristan Whiterun 58.40.0.exs


give me 5 min letronique ill mod ure money almost done


Alright cool… Let me know when its done?

Everything cool? Its been a lil over 5 mins…


Ok so i tried it out and seem to be getting the same problem myself. I put 1756 gold in the barrel in front of Warmaidens in whiterun but no luck changing it. The most i have ever found is 70k, not sure if that is the reason for it messing up or what Here is my save if you can help me it would be totally appreciated. Thank you

Save 94 - D Th Gr t Whiterun .exs


I modded mine and rehashed and went to go load it and got “Disk unreadable” any help?