Skyrim; Modded Gamesave

This Modded, Skyrim save is BEFORE the character customization, so you’ll start from the very start of the game and you get to customize your character, so once you’ve got in to the Helgon Keep, you’ll have maxed out skills and loads of stuff in your inventory.( I can’t remember if this is the save where you’re level 100 or you start from level 1 you’ll have to find out )!download|843p2|576467593|Char-Creation-xElysianx.rar|1197|0|0

Password for WinRar = xelysianx

Link for the video TuT on how to put this GameSave on to your Xbox 360;
Learning How to Mod Skyrim Guide & Other games - YouTube

The maxed out skills is a bit of a ruiner for me, I play games like this for the free roaming and the leveling up but with maxed out skills there would be no leveling up, until the new patch comes out.

I feel ya, maybe try and find a gamesave with just, all Weapons or some thing?

I prefer getting my own requests done. Just a few weapons suited to the characters play style, then lowering all but 7 skills. Its more fun questing for all the items rather then already having them all.

Find a person, who will be taking Skyrim Save requests, and try and get him to make you one. :thumbsup:

do you mod through your computer or use a program?

You’ll need Horzion…

1, Open Horizon, and download the File,
2, Once Horizon has opened and the File has been downloaded, inject your USB stick ( what has your Xbox Live account on it )
3, Move the File to Horizon, and it should say " Use this account " and your account should be there click your account.
4, It should come up with 2 different things, Your account showing Profile ID, Device ID etc etc, copy and paste each of them into the Skyrim file,
5, Click Save, Rehash and Resign
6, Put your USB stick back into your Xbox and load up skyrim, click Memory Unit, Your Welcome…

IF I Haven’t explained it Clearly, the video of how to this, is in then Thread above.

is there a different place to download this at? rapidshare made to where you have to purchase a subscription to download. I really want this mod! i need one where i can customize the character.

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