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Skyrim Modded Save; Dremora Save Mod, Testing Hall, All Dawnguard Items

Dawnguard recommended, but not required

This save has only the first quest (unbound) done.

  • Starts off at YOUR farm and lumber mill, Fellstar Farm, in Ivarstead.
  • Testing Hall containers, and Dawnguard coffins with all armor, weapons, and misc items at Autumnwatch Tower south of Ivarstead. You’re own little fortress. :smile:
  • All misc are drop-able, but the bloodstone chalices stick in place and the horse leg cant be picked back up, but the rest are all safe. Tested. :smile:
  • Bookcases both in the farm and at the fortress fill with every single book in the game, including Dawnguard.
  • Level 81 with all skills set at 100 and modded high.
  • Smithing: 300. Heavy Armor: 200. One Hand: 200. Two Hand: 200. Archery: 200. Light Armor: 200. Sneak: 500,100. Lockpicking: 500,100. Speech: 50,100. Alchemy: 500100. Illusion: 500100. Conjuration: 500,100. Destruction: 600. Restoration: 500,100. Alteration: 200. Enchanting: 1,600
  • Will come back with lower stat save as well very very soon.
  • Autumnwatch Tower is a two tower fortress with a unqiue skyforge, easily locatable coffin with all Dawnguard items, weapons, and armor, testing hall containers, andof course…your own Dragon Word wall. :smile:
  • Hunter’s rest, Cliffside Retreat, and Alchemist Shack all modded so you have safe storage and a bed to sleep while on your travels.
  • Daedric Prince as a follower :wink: …look in Fellstar Farm.
  • and much, much more…

Now just download file, put into Horizon, or any program where you can change the profile id, device id, and console id. Then replace the mighty zeros with your profile, device, and console ids. After that, then put into your drive and put on your Xbox. And Play. :smile:

Download link here: :thumbsup:

Daevas Delanos

~Daevas is someone who is both an Angel and a Demon.De La Nos is French for Of The Night So Angel/Demon of the Night :wink:

Now with the all new Ghost Demon save. Try it out!

Hell Rider

Also Check out my Cliffside Retreat mod here :smile:

How do you make these things?
Console Commands?

All I have to say is thank you. So very much. The game feels complete on my end. Post this stuff on youtube dude. You will be the premier modder on there hands down. Thank you again and may the stars shine brightly on you friend! Oh and pleaseeeeee make a snow elf save with this formula dude!

UPDATE: after going to change my characters look at the cosmetics person, it reverts u to SNOW ELF form. Indeed this save is the best save on the internet. Thank you so much for ur time dude.

I need a save for houses basements,secret stuff. Thank’s fairly new at this

What cosmetics person?

In the Ratways under Riften(thieves guild) there is a woman who can chang your facial features for gold but you cant change race or gender

Go down to the Ragged Flagon and look for a hooded woman you haven’t seen before. Speak to her.

Can you give the character the appearance of Sanguine? (or at least close to) Daedric prince would be a first anywhere with all the same mods in this save and able to see the arms. Basically make the hair black and shorter, with the sanguine horn variant and no beard
Cheers mate!

Ah. Yeah, she’s apparently exclusive to Dawnguard. I don’t have Dawnguard yet, unfortunately. Trying to hold off until GOTY Edition because I don’t really think a single story line and some items and features that I feel should have been in the game to begin with (perhaps they were even left out to beef up an expansion, which is common place these days, it seems like) is worth $20. Seems like a major ripoff when you get the full game with 6 storylines and countless quests and an absurd amount of exploring for $60, imo. But I guess that’s neither here nor there as far as the thread is considered.

As for the Dremora, once again, great work. I will say, however, that the one thing that caused me to use the Cliffside Retreat (Catless) mod over this one is the wonky 3rd person view. It’s oddly far away from the character, which makes 3rd person view really dizzying in tight areas like caves. Still, great job again. :thumbsup:

Hold down the right thumb stick and move the left to adjust the 3rd person camera distance.

if you click down the right thumb stick and move the left thumb stick in any direction the 3rd person view will get closer or farther away

wow we both posted same **** at the same time

Oh and to the OP, use advskill “skill” 9999999999. Do it for every skill. It’ll make every skill 100 and make it a true 81 1/2, not just 81. If you want I’ll write them all down in the correct format for you.

player.advskill alchemy 9999999999
player.advskill alteration 9999999999
player.advskill marksman 9999999999
player.advskill block 9999999999
player.advskill conjuration 9999999999
player.advskill destruction 9999999999
player.advskill enchanting 9999999999
player.advskill heavyarmor 9999999999
player.advskill illusion 9999999999
player.advskill lightarmor 9999999999
player.advskill lockpicking 9999999999
player.advskill onehanded 9999999999
player.advskill pickpocket 9999999999
player.advskill restoration 9999999999
player.advskill smithing 9999999999
player.advskill sneak 9999999999
player.advskill speechcraft 9999999999
player.advskill twohanded 9999999999

You can still use player.forceav or modav or setav to do the modified stats afterwards. This just creates a good base.

By the way, that ghost horse is an awesome touch. lol

You know you can adjust 3rd person right?

Yup, already did. Thanks though. Played through the Thieves Guild on the first Nord with the cat and decided the cat was annoying enough to do it a second when the catless version was made available. Now I think I like this one enough to do it a 3rd time… haha :smirk:

Thank you for everything guys!! I’ve been busy on vacation and stuff so i haven’t been able to come out with the lower stat version. but no ones been complaining so thats always good. But all my mods are done by console and finding the id’s on creation kit. Here’s a shout out to Scottishurban x Elysian x for posting vids on how to console mod and Bethesda for making Oblivion and Skyrim so i can console mod them both! I hope to see some awesome mods out there not done by just me and x Elysian x. Just get on there and making anything you can think of. (also heard that creation kit program is able to mod xbox and sony. and that Tom Howard is still trying really hard to get the creation kit on consoles. Lets cross our fingers)

Can you add pictures?

Hey, S1kuxx. I came across something relevant to your mod that I think you’d want to know. I’m not sure how, as it’s not showing up in my Active Effects menu (and maybe it’s just me?), but this character seems to have a very high Absorb Magic score (perhaps 100%+). This might explain why most enchantments seem to restore as you use them rather than deplete. This wouldn’t matter, except for the fact that there’s a bug that causes Absorb Magic to cause Conjuring to fail based on the percent of Absorb Magic (100% Absorb Magic means Conjuring fails 100% of the time). So, essentially, you cannot Conjure with this character. You can, however, Reanimate.

This also applies to the Atronach Stone effect, so it affects your other mod as well. But I’m pretty sure that character only has the 30% the Stone’s effect gives.

EDIT: By the way, is there any way you could explain how you modded the ghost horse into the file? A friend of mine is asking. We’re getting pretty excited about finding out modding is possible on the Xbox and we’re gunna try our hands at it soon. It’d be much appreciated.

I’m guessing you spawn it with the console using the character ID (but, if I’m right, what is it?) and then change it’s ownership, HP, and Stamina. Am I close? How do you change the ownership in the console?

Was just about to post the same thing but im glad you did, you know much more about it then i do lol