Skyrim Modding Alternatives

So I’ve been thinking if the Skyrim save for Xbox 360 and pc are the same then is it possible to mos Skyrim with just a pc version editor then put it on xbox. furthermore is there even a pc Skyrim editor? let me know what you guys think

The PC mode editor is the Creation Kit, created by Bethesda for the modding community.

The easiest way to mod Xbox 360 gamesaves for Skyrim IS by editing them on the PC version and then transferring the savegame back to 360.

You can’t mod 360 gamesaves with the PC versions’ Creation Kit. You must load the gamesave on the PC version of the game, use cheat commands and then change the file type of the save so that it will work on 360 again. Because all of this is possible, it’s very unlikely you’ll see a 360 mod tool for such an outdated game.

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I think you covered everything

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yes it did thank you for you help

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