Skyrim modding error help

My problem is while trying to mod Skyrim using a downloaded gamesave,I came across this bug while trying to save rehash and resign.So I’m going to state the problem word for is the dovahgolt save from gametuts final version

An error has occured while writing back the loaded package!
If you see a developer,the following message will help solve the issue:
The process cannot access the file 'F:\content\E0000183AEFF9581\425307E6\00000001\Save 1-Dovahkiin Skyrim 10.59.00.exs’because it is being used by another process.

Did you use a barrel editor or mod with the PC?

I used horizon and was modding xbox

I don’t think you can use those type of saves on xbox.

Convert the exs file into a svg/sav and try.

and would you care to explain how to convert the exes file to another file valid on xbox?

That won’t work. The xbox skyrim file extension is .exs

Oh, guess I got it backwards then.

the problem is to do with your anti virus scanning your usb device simply delete the current skyrim save from your usb via horizon and open the one you downloaded in the package manager rehash and save to device. If you got it from modio make sure you fully close modio

Thank you for your advice it helped greatly.