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Skyrim Modding Service


I got a computer that runs Skyrim really nice now, so I’m open to modding requests. I’ll only take ten at a time (to avoid getting overwhelmed), but I’ll try to do as much as I can.

Post a quote/code of the commands you want me to execute, and I’ll mod you. I can add the all items chests (as seen in the qasmoke room), console enchant, et cetera.

follow this:

Save: (link)

Commands I want executed:

player.addperk 000cb40d
player.addperk 0005218e
player.addperk 000cb40e
player.addperk 000cb410
player.addperk 000cb412
player.addperk 000cb413
player.addperk 000cb40f
player.addperk 000cb414
player.addperk 000cb4114

Please, take off any Dawnguard gear, and go to somewhere far away from Dawnguard related stuff. No DLC followers (Serana etc)
If you do not do that, I guess you don’t want your save modded.


can you mod mine so i have a non waiting recharge time for shoutings?


Yeah, put your save up and I’ll get it. The command for faster shouting is

player.setav shoutrecoverymult 0

0 makes the shout cooldown instantaneous.


max shout
has alot of daedric items
anything that is cool you do for me?
and put 100 dragons flying around, that would be nice, or massive monsters chasing me, i want the fight of my life. can you add like modded quests?
i dont know how to post it on here, you have an email?


Hey man I have a save for you to mod if you don’t mind doing it for me. It’s going to be my new foundation save for all characters in the future so if you could keep it before character creation and at level 1, without modifying the skills then that would be great, anyway here it is;

Save 3 - Prisoner Skyrim 00.05.45.exs

That is the save, and here are the commands I would like done to it;

Open Me

player.setav health 2000
player.setav magicka 50000
player.setav stamina 2500
player.setav carryweight 500000
Player.addperk 000BE127
Player.addperk 000C07CA
Player.addperk 000C07CB
Player.addperk 000C07CC
Player.addperk 000C07CD
Player.addperk 00058215
Player.addperk 00058216
Player.addperk 00058217
Player.addperk 00058218
Player.addperk 00105F2A
Player.addperk 00105F2B
Player.addperk 00105F2F
Player.addperk 00105F2E
Player.addperk 00105F2C
Player.addperk 0005821D 
Player.addperk 000F2CA6
Player.addperk 000C44B7
Player.addperk 000C44B8
Player.addperk 000C44B9
Player.addperk 000C44BA
Player.addperk 000153CD
Player.addperk 000D7999
Player.addperk 000D799A
Player.addperk 000D799B
Player.addperk 00053128
Player.addperk 00053129
Player.addperk 0005312A
Player.addperk 000581FC
Player.addperk 000581F7 
Player.addperk 000BABED
Player.addperk 0007934A
Player.addperk 0007934B
Player.addperk 0007934D
Player.addperk 00079354
Player.addperk 00058F61
Player.addperk 00105F1C
Player.addperk 00105F1E
Player.addperk 00105F1F
Player.addperk 00103ADA
Player.addperk 00103ADB
Player.addperk 00058F62
Player.addperk 00051B12
Player.addperk 00058F63
Player.addperk 00105F19
Player.addperk 00058F64 
Player.addperk 000BCCAE
Player.addperk 00079355
Player.addperk 00079356
Player.addperk 00079357
Player.addperk 00079358
Player.addperk 000D8C33
Player.addperk 00058F68
Player.addperk 00058F67
Player.addperk 00058F69
Player.addperk 0005F594
Player.addperk 00058F66
Player.addperk 00058F6A
Player.addperk 00106253 
Player.addperk 000F2CA7
Player.addperk 000C44BB
Player.addperk 000C44BC
Player.addperk 000C44BD
Player.addperk 000C44BE
Player.addperk 000153CE
Player.addperk 000640B3
Player.addperk 00105F30
Player.addperk 00105F31
Player.addperk 000D799E
Player.addperk 000D799C
Player.addperk 000581DD
Player.addperk 000CB419
Player.addperk 000CB41A
Player.addperk 000581DE
Player.addperk 000D5F1C 
Player.addperk 000F2CA8
Player.addperk 000C44BF
Player.addperk 000C44C0
Player.addperk 000C44C1
Player.addperk 000C44C2
Player.addperk 000153CF
Player.addperk 000153D2
Player.addperk 00105F32
Player.addperk 000581EA
Player.addperk 0010FCF9
Player.addperk 000581E7
Player.addperk 0010FCF8
Player.addperk 00058200
Player.addperk 0010FCFA
Player.addperk 000F3933
Player.addperk 000F3F0E
Player.addperk 000F392E 
Player.addperk 000BEE97
Player.addperk 000C367C
Player.addperk 000C367D
Player.addperk 000C367E
Player.addperk 000C367F
Player.addperk 00058F7C
Player.addperk 00058F80
Player.addperk 00058F81
Player.addperk 00108A44
Player.addperk 00058F7E
Player.addperk 00058F82
Player.addperk 00058F7D
Player.addperk 00058F7F 
Player.addperk 000BCD2A
Player.addperk 0007935E
Player.addperk 00079361
Player.addperk 00079362
Player.addperk 00079374
Player.addperk 00058F6F
Player.addperk 00058F6C
Player.addperk 00107832
Player.addperk 00058F6D
Player.addperk 00058F6E
Player.addperk 000BCD2B
Player.addperk 00105F33 
Player.addperk 000F2CA9
Player.addperk 000153D0
Player.addperk 000C44C3
Player.addperk 000C44C4
Player.addperk 000C44C5
Player.addperk 000C44C6
Player.addperk 000581E1
Player.addperk 000581E2
Player.addperk 00059B77
Player.addperk 00059B78
Player.addperk 000581FD
Player.addperk 000C44B5
Player.addperk 00059B76 
Player.addperk 000BE123
Player.addperk 00079376
Player.addperk 00079389
Player.addperk 00079391
Player.addperk 00079392
Player.addperk 00051B1B
Player.addperk 00051B1C
Player.addperk 00105F22
Player.addperk 00051B17
Player.addperk 00107831 
Player.addperk 000F392A
Player.addperk 000BE125
Player.addperk 00106259
Player.addperk 00107830
Player.addperk 000C3680
Player.addperk 0005820A
Player.addperk 00105F26
Player.addperk 000C3681
Player.addperk 00058208
Player.addperk 00058209
Player.addperk 000C3682 
Player.addperk 000BABE4
Player.addperk 00079343
Player.addperk 00079342
Player.addperk 00079344
Player.addperk 00079345
Player.addperk 00052D50
Player.addperk 0003FFFA
Player.addperk 000C3678
Player.addperk 000C3679
Player.addperk 0005F592
Player.addperk 000C1E92
Player.addperk 000C1E93
Player.addperk 0005F56F
Player.addperk 000C1E90
Player.addperk 000C1E91
Player.addperk 00106256
Player.addperk 00106257
Player.addperk 0003AF81
Player.addperk 000CB406
Player.addperk 00106258
Player.addperk 0003AFA6 
Player.addperk 000BE124
Player.addperk 00018E6A
Player.addperk 00018E6B
Player.addperk 00018E6C
Player.addperk 00018E6D
Player.addperk 00058202
Player.addperk 00105F28
Player.addperk 00058204
Player.addperk 000D79A0
Player.addperk 00096590
Player.addperk 00058201
Player.addperk 00058205 
Player.addperk 000F2CAA
Player.addperk 000C44C7
Player.addperk 000C44C8
Player.addperk 000C44C9
Player.addperk 000C44CA
Player.addperk 000153D1
Player.addperk 000581F8
Player.addperk 000581F9
Player.addperk 000581F4
Player.addperk 000581F5
Player.addperk 000A3F64
Player.addperk 000581E4
Player.addperk 00068BCC 
Player.addperk 000CB40D
Player.addperk 0005218E
Player.addperk 000CB40F
Player.addperk 000CB414
Player.addperk 000CB411
Player.addperk 000CB40E
Player.addperk 000CB410
Player.addperk 000CB412
Player.addperk 000CB413
Player.addperk 00052190 
Player.addperk 000BE126
Player.addperk 000C07C6
Player.addperk 000C07C7
Player.addperk 000C07C8
Player.addperk 000C07C9
Player.addperk 00058210
Player.addperk 001036F0
Player.addperk 00058211
Player.addperk 00058213
Player.addperk 0005820C
Player.addperk 00105F23
Player.addperk 00105F24
Player.addperk 00058214 
Player.addperk 000BE128
Player.addperk 000C07CE
Player.addperk 000C07CF
Player.addperk 000C07D0
Player.addperk 000C07D1
Player.addperk 00058F72
Player.addperk 00058F75
Player.addperk 001090A2
Player.addperk 00058F7A
Player.addperk 00058F7B
Player.addperk 00105F29
Player.addperk 00058F79
Player.addperk 001090A5 
Player.addperk 000BABE8
Player.addperk 00079346
Player.addperk 00079347
Player.addperk 00079348
Player.addperk 00079349
Player.addperk 00052D51
Player.addperk 000C5C05
Player.addperk 000C5C06
Player.addperk 000C5C07
Player.addperk 0003AF83
Player.addperk 000C1E94
Player.addperk 000C1E95
Player.addperk 0003AF84
Player.addperk 000C1E96
Player.addperk 000C1E97
Player.addperk 00052D52
Player.addperk 000CB407
Player.addperk 0003AF9E
Player.addperk 0003AFA7 
player.setav shoutrecoverymult 0
player.modav dragonsouls 60
player.teachword 13E22 
player.teachword 13E23 
player.teachword 13E24 
player.teachword 602A3 
player.teachword 602A4 
player.teachword 602A5 
player.teachword 6029A 
player.teachword 6029B 
player.teachword 6029C 
player.teachword 20E17 
player.teachword 20E18 
player.teachword 20E19 
player.teachword 48ACA 
player.teachword 48ACB 
player.teachword 48ACC 
player.teachword 2F7BB 
player.teachword 2F7BC 
player.teachword 2F7BD 
player.teachword 60291 
player.teachword 60292 
player.teachword 60293 
player.teachword 3291D 
player.teachword 3291E 
player.teachword 3291F 
player.teachword 32917 
player.teachword 32918 
player.teachword 32919 
player.teachword 5D16C 
player.teachword 5D16D 
player.teachword 5D16E 
player.teachword 602A0 
player.teachword 602A1 
player.teachword 602A2 
player.teachword 5FB95 
player.teachword 5FB96 
player.teachword 5FB97 
player.teachword 3CD31 
player.teachword 3CD32 
player.teachword 3CD33 
player.teachword 51960 
player.teachword 51961 
player.teachword 51962 
player.teachword 44251 
player.teachword 44252 
player.teachword 44253 
player.teachword 60297 
player.teachword 60298 
player.teachword 60299 
player.teachword 60294 
player.teachword 60295 
player.teachword 60296 
player.teachword 46B89 
player.teachword 46B8A 
player.teachword 46B8B 
player.teachword 6029D 
player.teachword 6029E 
player.teachword 6029F 
player.teachword 3291A 
player.teachword 3291B 
player.teachword 3291C 
player.addspell 00012fcd
player.addspell 00012fd0
player.addspell 0005db90
player.addspell 0003ae9f
player.addspell 0001c789
player.addspell 0007a82b
player.addspell 0010f7ed
player.addspell 00035d7f
player.addspell 0002b96b
player.addspell 0002b96c
player.addspell 0006796f
player.addspell 00045f9c
player.addspell 0003aea2
player.addspell 0010f7ec
player.addspell 00035d80
player.addspell 0007e8e4
player.addspell 0002dd2a
player.addspell 00067970
player.addspell 0003aea3
player.addspell 00045f9d
player.addspell 0010f7ee
player.addspell 00035d81
player.addspell 0007e8e5
player.addspell 00012fcc
player.addspell 00013018
player.addspell 0002f3b8
player.addspell 0004d3f2
player.addspell 000211f1
player.addspell 0004b146
player.addspell 000b62ef
player.addspell 00012fd2
player.addspell 000211f0
player.addspell 0005dd5d
player.addspell 0004d3f8
player.addspell 000b62ee
player.addspell 0005dd5e
player.addspell 0005312d
player.addspell 0008c1ab
player.addspell 000e0ccf
player.addspell 0005dd60
player.addspell 0006d22c
player.addspell 000211ec
player.addspell 000211ed
player.addspell 000211eb
player.addspell 0006f953
player.addspell 0010fc16
player.addspell 0010ddec
player.addspell 000640b6
player.addspell 000204c3
player.addspell 000204c4
player.addspell 000204c5
player.addspell 0007e8df
player.addspell 00096d95
player.addspell 0006f952
player.addspell 0007e5d5
player.addspell 0009ce26
player.addspell 0007e5d6
player.addspell 0007e8e1
player.addspell 00065bd7
player.addspell 00096d94
player.addspell 0004dba4
player.addspell 0007e5d7
player.addspell 0006a153
player.addspell 00099f39
player.addspell 0010e38c
player.addspell 00043324
player.addspell 000211ef
player.addspell 000211ee
player.addspell 000cdb70
player.addspell 0005ad5e
player.addspell 000da746
player.addspell 00051b16
player.addspell 00043323
player.addspell 000b62e6
player.addspell 0005ad5c
player.addspell 0005ad5d
player.addspell 0001a4cc
player.addspell 00109111
player.addspell 0005d175
player.addspell 0007e8dd
player.addspell 0004dee9
player.addspell 00021143
player.addspell 0004dee8
player.addspell 00028532
player.addspell 0004deea
player.addspell 0004deee
player.addspell 0004deeb
player.addspell 0007e8db
player.addspell 0007e8de
player.addspell 00027eb6
player.addspell 0007e8da
player.addspell 0008f3eb
player.addspell 0004deed
player.addspell 0004deec
player.addspell 0004deef
player.additem 0000000f 250000
player.additem 0000000a 1000
player.additem 0003a070 1
player.additem 000f6911 1
player.additem 000eafdf 500000
player.additem 0001397f 500000
player.additem 00106e1b 201
player.additem 0006bc02 201
player.additem 000a9195 201
player.additem 000a9191 201
player.additem 0004da20 201
player.additem 0004da25 201
player.additem 000727de 201
player.additem 000e4f0c 201
player.additem 00077e1c 201
player.additem 00034cdd 201
player.additem 0003ad61 201
player.additem 000727e0 201
player.additem 0006abcb 201
player.additem 00052695 201
player.additem 0003ad56 201
player.additem 00023d77 201
player.additem 000b2183 201
player.additem 000b701a 201
player.additem 00106e19 201
player.additem 0003ad5b 201
player.additem 000516c8 201
player.additem 000889a2 201
player.additem 000f11c0 201
player.additem 0003ad63 201
player.additem 00034d31 201
player.additem 0006bc07 201
player.additem 0003ad5d 201
player.additem 0003ad5e 201
player.additem 0004da00 201
player.additem 00034d32 201
player.additem 0003ad5f 201
player.additem 00034d22 201
player.additem 0007e8c1 201
player.additem 0003ad64 201
player.additem 0003ad73 201
player.additem 0007ee01 201
player.additem 00083e64 201
player.additem 0006b689 201
player.additem 0003ad66 201
player.additem 00057f91 201
player.additem 000e7ebc 201
player.additem 000e7ed0 201
player.additem 00106e18 201
player.additem 000b08c5 201
player.additem 001016b3 201
player.additem 000b18cd 201
player.additem 0003ad6a 201
player.additem 0004da23 201
player.additem 0006ac4a 201
player.additem 0005076e 201
player.additem 0006bc0a 201
player.additem 00045c28 201
player.additem 000727df 201
player.additem 000D8E3F 201
player.additem 000ec870 201
player.additem 0006bc00 201
player.additem 0004da24 201
player.additem 0002f44c 201
player.additem 00059b86 201
player.additem 0007edf5 201
player.additem 000bb956 201 
player.additem 000854fe 201
player.additem 00023d6f 201
player.additem 0006bc10 201
player.additem 00077e1e 201
player.additem 00077e1d 201
player.additem 00106e1a 201
player.additem 0007e8c8 201
player.additem 0006bc04 201
player.additem 00034cdf 201
player.additem 0006f950 201
player.additem 00106e1c 201
player.additem 0003ad6f 201
player.additem 0007e8c5 201
player.additem 0003ad70 201
player.additem 0006bc0b 201
player.additem 00085500 201
player.additem 0001b3bd 201
player.additem 0009151b 201
player.additem 00063b5f 201
player.additem 0007e8b7 201
player.additem 0003ad71 201
player.additem 000134aa 201
player.additem 0004da73 201
player.additem 0003ad72 201
player.additem 0003f7f8 201
player.additem 0003ad76 201
player.additem 0003ad60 201
player.additem 0004b0ba 201
player.additem 0004da22 201
player.additem 0006bc0e 201
player.additem 0001bcbc 201
player.additem 0002e4ff 5000
player.additem 0002e504 5000
player.additem 0009f25c 4
player.additem 0009f25e 1
player.additem 00068c57 3
player.additem 0005ad93 1000
player.additem 000db8a2 1000
player.additem 0005ad9d 1000
player.additem 0005ad9e 1000
player.additem 0005ace41000
player.additem 0005ad99 1000    
player.additem 00043e27 1000 
player.additem 0005ada0 1000
player.additem 0005ada1 1000
player.additem 0005ad9f 1000
player.additem 0005ace3 1000
player.additem 0005ace51000
player.additem 000db5d2 1000
player.additem 000800e4 1000
player.additem 0003ada3 1000
player.additem 0003ada4 1000
player.additem 0008b667 1
player.additem 000b972e 1
player.additem 0010d669 1
player.additem 000b9743 1
player.additem 0010df4b 1
player.additem 000ad448 1
player.additem 000accbb 1
player.additem 000b9734 1
player.additem 0010d66a 1
player.additem 000b9737 1
player.additem 0010d668 1
player.additem 0010df57 1
player.additem 000b971c 1
player.additem 000accc1 1
player.additem 0008b6b1 1
player.additem 0010d671 1
player.additem 000b971f 1
player.additem 000b9740 1 
player.additem 0008b6b4 1
player.additem 00100e59 1
player.additem 000accce 1
player.additem 000b9749 1
player.additem 0008b6ba 1
player.additem 0010d66b 1
player.additem 000accd1 1
player.additem 000accbf 1
player.additem 0010df8c 1
player.additem 0010df5b 1
player.additem 000accd2 1
player.additem 00092a75 1
player.additem 00100e65 1
player.additem 000b9710 1
player.additem 000b9713 1
player.additem 0010dfb6 1
player.additem 00100e5f 1
player.additem 000b9716 1
player.additem 000fc067 1
player.additem 0010a06a 1
player.additem 000acc70 1
player.additem 000acc73 1
player.additem 000acc76 1
player.additem 000bd818 1
player.additem 00089708 1
player.additem 000896b0 1
player.additem 0005bf07 1
player.additem 000896d2 1
player.additem 000bd821 1
player.additem 000896c6 1
player.additem 000a69cd 1
player.additem 0005b47d 1
player.additem 000896f0 1
playerenchantobject 877c9 109632 
playerenchantobject 877c9 109632

I know there are a lot of commands there so I understand if this takes a while however I am in no hurry to get the save back, if you could do this for me I would be grateful :smile:

If you need me to make any changes feel free to tell me and I will try and make them for you :smile:


I would like to have perk points unlocked if that is possible. Because idk what i want to use yet even know i am level 49. Any help would be nice.

Save 520 - Sam Skyrim 78.55.15.exs

Also if you could activate blood on ice quest that would be amazing.

EDIT if possible make dragon bone armor Heavy chest plate with the ebony mail armor enchantment



Hey could you add this disease to my character please.
Sanguinare Vampiris: player.addspell 000b8780

And if it is possible could you make a save that is playable on xbox360 with this mod?
The Legend of Zelda - A Skyrim Modification at Skyrim Nexus - Skyrim mods and community


I’ll get y’alls saves done here in a bit. And no, I can’t add any PC mods, you can only use PC mods on a JTAG.

Also, it usually takes 5 minutes MAX to get your save edited, I copy your commands and simply run a bat command.


hey there, could you mod my save for me, cheers :smile:

Open Me

player.setav marksman 100
player.addperk 000BABED
player.addperk 0007934A
player.addperk 0007934B
player.addperk 0007934D
player.addperk 00079354
player.addperk 00058F61
player.addperk 00105F1C
player.addperk 00105F1E
player.addperk 00105F1F
player.addperk 00103ADA
player.addperk 00103ADB
player.addperk 00058F62
player.addperk 00051B12
player.addperk 00058F63
player.addperk 00105F19
player.addperk 00058F64
player.additem 0000000f 100000

and my save

Save 265 - Ayrin Whiterun 79.11.26.exs

cheers thanks


Can i also get the no cool down shout control player.setav shoutrecoverymult 0


PM’ed you :smile:


Working on your saves now, sorry for the wait! :smile:


Okay, here are the saves. Putting the enchantments on was a pain in the ass, for whatever reason.

Spyker09 - Savegame.dat

TheVortexKnight - Savegame.dat

huntermk1 - Savegame.dat

Valkyrie x23 - Savegame.dat


Service closed so I can play Dawnguard 24/7, might open it back up in the future


Damn, still never got mine.


I’m about to send it your way in reply to your PM, its uploading now


Hey man, thanks again for doing the save, but for some reason the carry weight on my character didn’t change, so I was wondering if you would be able to do that for me using the link you posted? If you can it would be much appreciated :smile: Other than that everything worked fine :smile:


If I can get on the computer I will. Did you have the code for the carry weight as player.setav or player.modav??


In the code I posted to you I had setav as shown below;

player.setav carryweight 500000

But looking at that I’m thinking it may have been to high, but I’m not sure
whether you need set or mod av

I was just having a look at the console commands section on the Skyrim wiki and I noticed that if you use the player.setav command for carry weight it doesn’t always work and reloading the save resets it to what it should be. This must be what happened to my save, so if you re-did it with the command

player.modav carryweight 500000

then it would most likely stay set to that as modav apparently doesn’t have the same problem.


Can somebody get an Xbox mod for Console commands??? I really wanna goto the Testing Hall >.<