Skyrim Mods

Was wondering how to get mods for Skyrim onto my Xbox and I’ve been having a hard time trying to get it to were I’ll be enable to put the mods for it onto a USB Drive/Disc so that I can implant it to my Skyrim game…I’ll gladly take any help.

It’s not possible. It sounds like you’re trying to add PC mods which are not compatible with the 360 version.

It was recently asked in the topic I’ll link you to below. There’s some good replies near the bottom that should explain things for you. How do I add files/folders into USB

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saldy you need an XBOX one with the special edition

Or preferably a budget gaming PC. I’m sure there’s many mods/modpacks that don’t work on Xbox One. Plus you’ll have way better performance with all those fancy ENB’s and hundreds of mods running at once.

Promoting the master race?