Skyrim Names

So i was wondering…

What do people name their skyrim characters?

So post all the names you guys have…

Mine are: Era Master-Blade and Sabeen Cruel-Blood

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usually just Hawk but if im going to go through and role play it a bit more, Hawk Blade




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Good ole STN

Lol aight

M8 ffs really? >.<[quote=“MrPrecise, post:3, topic:20305, full:true”]


M8 ffs do you think i was serious

XDD m8 calm down i was joking around…

Good you’re not retarded :slight_smile:

XDD thanks i guess

Great Character name, bit of a mouthful though don’t you think?

Nah i didnt use profanity.

Anyway lets not derail, think my name was just Precise.
Long time, lost my save when HDD was corrupted :frowning:

Mouthful refers to length not whether or not it is profane. But yea

I also named one X and just roleplayed that he was some mysterious guy they knew nothing about, not even his name so they called him X

Huh, i knew a guy from Murica that always said it when one of my buddies in the XBL party was swaring. I asked him what it meant he said it was a saying used against people that is profane :stuck_out_tongue:

(This is like 5 years ago, thought it meant that ever since)

I think a “mouthful” refers to a measurement of volume, and not lenght.

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a quantity of food or drink that fills or can be put into the mouth.
“he took a mouthful of beer"
synonyms: bite, nibble, taste, bit, piece; More
a long or complicated word or phrase that is difficult to say.
”“Galinsoga” was too much of a mouthful for most nonbotanists"
synonyms: tongue-twister, long word, difficult word
"“sesquipedalian” is a bit of a mouthful"

Yeah, and beer is mass, and amount of mass is volume i think.