Skyrim Role Playing Saves

Well instead of having multiple threads for each save I decided to make one big thread containing them all. This thread will contain the most popular role playing game saves which are for the Xbox 360 and only for the Xbox 360. These saves are for those who like a challenge as most of these saves recommendations are for the hardest difficultly. These saves are designed for PC but most do work on the Xbox 360. Please test any save before submitting it to me for it to be added.


a HUMBLE start - Hannah

Save Details
  • I do not know what will happen when you go to the Plastic Surgeon in Dawnguard DLC because this is a Mix race between Imperials and Bretons!

You start from the very bottom and have to climb up, with few gold coins you’ve earned with wood chopping, no clean warm clothes, not a single friendly face around you, no weapons but a woodcutting axe and a few vegetables in your sack. Also with you, you have a tome to inspire courage, the last gift your father left for you in these dark times. The main quest is disabled. Your map is completely empty. You know nothing about the Helgen dragon incident. You know nothing about your dragonborn heritage.

  • You start at the IVARSTEAD village
  • You’ve raised a TENT and spread your SLEEPING BAG
  • a FIRE with COOKING POT for cold nights and empty stomachs
  • You have a single non-respawning SACK
  • no more FAST TRAVEL, you are a wanderer, a explorer
  • CARRY WEIGHT is now only 120 for Hannah, 150 for Ronan (vanilla 300), that is equal to aprox. 55kg - no more carrying 20 2-handed weapons and heavy armors
  • over the chair, you will have to fight other NPC’s. They kinda like it. :wink:
  • choose to play daughter or son, Hannah or Ronan
  • Since you know nothing of the Helgen Dragon incident the main quest is not started / NO DRAGONS! / NO SHOUTS!

You are a survivor.

After the murder of your father, who was an Imperial noble fighting for the truth about the Thalmor conspiracy on the lands of Skyrim, you became a refugee for your life. You fled to Skyrim, the land your Breton mother called home. In the stealth of the night, guided by the remaining loyal men of your father, you took a caravan to Windhelm to join the Stormcloak rebellion. But the road from the Imperial city is dangerous and wild. One hour north-east of the fort Neugrad your carriage got ambushed. Your guards gave their lives to defend you against the group of mountain bandits. In the moments of panic, you lost the control of the horses and the carriage grazed over the mountain cliffs. Several days passed before you finally woke up, with broken bones in the tent of a lonely hunter. He found you and saved your life. Your recovery was long and painful, and cost you the perfection of the skills you knew. At the age of 17, you are born again. You are free to go wherever the road and your youth takes you. Good luck!


  • Put the game difficulty on Expert level
  • Disable the compass - use the sun or stars to navigate (it is possible)
  • Disable the crosshair - practice the shooting with arrows on some tree or corner of the house


Frozen Blood - Alternative Start

Save Details

It was a cold night. One of Skyrim’s blizzard lasted. Suddenly, silence was interrupted by strange crack. Tomb’s lid has been broken and then pale hand appeard. Penetrating pain in your frozen bones has woke you up. You had scrambled out from yours recent resting place. You have fallen into the white snow. You couldn’t remember anything. It was like you were sleeping for a very, very long time and forgot almost everything. The only memory that you have is a voice of woman. She was screaming someone’s name… Raphael? Raphael! Yes, it’s your name… and this air… it seems different than the last time. But when was the last time?! Why I can’t remember anything?! I need… blood…

You start with almost nothing in your inventory. You have to gain all items and experience as a vampire this time. You decide what to do - from this time it’s completly your game. Just roleplay it. The main quest is disabled. You have no markers on your map.You dont know nothing about the Helgen dragon incident and have no idea why you woke up exactly this time.

-You start at the tomb near Morthal
-Main quest is disabled
-You don’t have any map markers - you have to discover everything by yourself
-Raphael is level 1 and his skills are different than standard due to his previously life and vampire origin


  • Put the game difficulty on Expert level
  • Disable the compass - use the sun or stars to navigate (it is possible)
  • Disable the crosshair - practice the shooting with arrows on some tree or corner of the house
  • Since you know nothing of the Helgen Dragon incident the main quest is not started, NO DRAGONS! / NO SHOUTS!


a HARDCORE start - bandit Theanna

Save Details

You start from the very bottom and have to climb up, this time as an outlaw! In others eyes, you are nothing more then a sewer rat, a bandit of society and be sure that many will attack you on sight! The main quest is disabled. Your map is completely empty. You know nothing about the Helgen dragon incident. You know nothing about your dragonborn heritage.


x You are a bandit, and a friend of all bandits of Skyrim
x Main quest disabled, no dragons either, all other quest available
x You start at the BILEGULCH bandit camp
x You’ve raised a TENT and spread your SLEEPING BAG, and have your personal non-respawning chest (see the gallery)
x There are two camp FIREs for cold nights and for hanging around with other bandits
x In camp you will find almost anything you need - an anvil, a furnace, grindstone, alchemy table, workbench… but, there is NO merchant (until CK comes out)
x Some neutral NPC’s won’t attack you - All the guards in 3 provinces (Whiterun, The Reach and Falkreath Hold) will try to take you in or kill you if you disobey
x CARRY WEIGHT is now only 120 for Theanna (vanilla 300), that is equal to aprox. 55kg - no more carrying 20 2-handed weapons and heavy armors

You are a survivor.

Who could’ve thought that a veteran bandit leader might have some mercy left in him for common people, but the truth is that with that very rare kind deed, the leader of the Bilegulch camp saved your life. Laying in the mud with a bleeding opened wound bellow your left eye and a blunt trauma to your head, he found you laying surrounded by two bodies of dead imperial soldier, obviously killed by the sword that was still strongly held in your pale hand. He would usually simply walk away and leave you to die, but not this time. He couldn’t. The hatred he had within him towards the imperial scum, as he would say, overwhelmed him with respect towards that hardly wounded girl, that fighter and survivor that laid under him. He embraced your almost lifeless body in his arms, and took you back to the safety of his camp. For two weeks, one of the bandits, a female alchemist treated you with herbs, and you finally woke up. The blunt trauma to your head took its tool; you remember nothing of your past. Not even your name, so you were named Theanna, a little goddess, for your bravery and stoneskin to survive your last battle. You are one of the family now. The road is harsh, your lifestyle is dangerous - you are a bandit now, as it was written in your destiny!

When the bandages are removed, this is how you will look like. The scar under your left eye is a very real reminder over the last battle that your mind decided to forget. Alas, a small price to pay. Raise now, young outlaw, and write your name within the history of Skyrim with the blood of unwary and all the other fools that decided to cross the blades with you!

Save 203 - Theanna Skyrim 00.26.35.exs

An Honoured Start

[details=Save Details]You are Sarana, A Nord.

As only a newborn, less than a week old, you are found abandoned on the steps to High Horathgar.
You are taken in by the Jarl of Ivarstead, a kind but powerful Dremora Lord called Xelysian, and have lived a safe and sheltered life, protected by the mighty Jarl Xelysian and his band of powerful legionaires… Until Today!

You narrowly avoid death while visiting Helgen but manage to esacape with your life.

On your return to Ivarstead you discover it has also been attacked by the passing dragon and the Jarl is dead.

As the closest thing to a child he has ever had, his title passes to you…

To officially become Jarl Sarana of Ivarstead and discover the secrets of Ivarstead, please complete this quest.[/i]

Quest Started…BADABOOM…Save starts as you return to Ivarstead, from Helgen…

Becoming Jarl of Ivarstead

1. Retrieve Jarl Xelysians belongings from his chest in the Longhouse.

2. Retrieve the Key to the Dwemer Workshop from the Longhouse.

3. Find the Old Jarls hat hidden in the Dwemer Workshop.

- read note found with hat

[details=Open Me]-Note From Jarl Xelysian-
My Dear Sarana, this day has come, as i knew i would. Talk to the Gaurd at the grindstone beside the Mill. He has some things for you to return to the Museum along with my armor that you have already collected. This gaurd has 2 important items for you that will help guide you in your new future as Jarl, and possibily reunite you with me, Jarl Xelysian in the distant future. I have done all I can to offer you as perfect a sanctuary as I could, go forth and learn your true heritage my dear Sarana. Goodbye… for now[/details]

4. Find and visit the Museum.

5. Return the Old Jarls property to the Large Chest in the Vault.

6. Collect your Reward and unveil the secrets stored under High Horthgar.

7. Return to your new Jarls Longhouse

8. Quest Complete.

                          [b][u]Congratulations, your are now Jarl[/u][/b]

As with other saves use rec. settings… master diff, no map markers, hud opacity zero, no fast travel,

Save starts as you return to Ivarstead, from Helgen…

Level 1 - Nord starting stats - 100 mag/health/stam
Just Unbound Completed - Ralof has told you to see Gerdur in Riverwood
Ivarstead walled town - Jarls Longhouse/Bunker - Dwemer Workshop/Throne Room - Museum/Vault.(dont ever try steal from a museum!:slight_smile:
20+ Follower/Gaurds around town

Save 715 - Sarana Skyrim 14.08.45.exs[/details]

Play as a child

[details=Save Details]
Character Backstory

Your name is Victor (or Bella) your father is a nord and your mother was an imperial. Things have taken a turn for the worse since your mother died. Now it’s just you and your father living in a tiny rundown shack. He wanted to be a famous warrior like his grandfather Lucian, but he was too sickly to fight. Now he works as an alchemist, making and selling potions. Sometimes, he asks you to go out and gather some ingredients for him. You enjoy helping your father and look forward to doing errands like these. Just when things were starting to pick up, your father gets very sick. You now have to take care of him. Since he is too sick to work, the two of you are struggling to make ends meat. One day, you were outside gathering some ingredients for your father hoping that he would teach you alchemy. When you return, you are shocked to see your father’s dead body lying on his bed. You realize that you will have to make it in this world on your own. This is where your adventure begins.

In the PC version you would have found your father’s journal that reads:

"My darling child,

If you have found this journal, you know now that I am in Sovngarde. Have no fear, my dear one. I have provided for you the best I can. Inside the chest at the foot of my bed, you will find all of my possessions: my grandfather’s bow, some arrows, a sword, a shield, some potions, and what little gold I have left. There is some food in the barrel by the end table and some alchemy ingredients in a sack nearby. If you do not have an understanding of the alchemical arts, do not worry.This book will teach you a little of what I know of Alchemy.

I know my death brings you much sorrow, but I hope you will remember me and always do what you believe is right. I hope you will go out and make a name for yourself like your grandfather did. Maybe his bow will bring you luck in whatever road you choose to travel.

I know that I’ve been ill for some time, and I appreciate all the time you spent taking care of me. Maybe one glorious day we will be reunited, but until then please bring glory to our family.


The main quest is disabled, so you are not the dragonborn

*I’ve tested these saves on my skyrim xbox game with dawnguard and hearthfire installed, and it works nicely. I don’t know if it will work with no DLC though.


How to use the saves

[details=Tutorial] - Download File - Open Horizon - Open the Save in Horizon - Enter your Profile and Console IDs - Save the file to a USB - Plug USB into Xbox [/details] ----------

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Nice thread!

I removed that floating dagger and removed all map markers since there were 2 discovered and made it so he regains stats in the sunlight for the Frozen Blood save for anyone who wants it:

Edit: I also removed his weakness to fire, I don’t know about the stat regain since it wasn’t sunny out in the save but it should work.

Edit:Edit: I accidentally removed some of the vampire perks it came with, I’ll fix that in a sec.

Edit:Edit:Edit: Alright, fixed it all up, updated the link.

Why does the “How to use the saves” link, link to my profile?

Only if these we’re Xbox.

They are…

and were* Just because a Hero likes to ***** about me correcting you.

Xbox download links are in the spoilers.

How do I get this on Xbox360?

Okay, so on the Raphael Save, Are you a vampire?

Take the save and inject it into skyrim with the device manager, and if it’s a savegame.dat file then open a previous save or auto save and go into contents, then replace the current savegame.dat with the new one.

Yes, but if you don’t like not gaining stats in the sunlight you can try my edit of it.

Yes, they work. They’re great. For those of us who play Skyrim to lose a lot (the challenge), these saves are great.

What’s in your Edit?

You wrote that little tutorial so I just gave credit. :stuck_out_tongue:

I posted what I changed in it.

Anybody know when the bandit one will be converted for xbox

how do i use these with pc?

I will convert it right now.

Follow the links at the top of the post, the download links on Skyrim Nexus are designed for the PC and there are PC installation instructions there.

Amazing dave, can’t wait to try some of these out :smiley:

I have converted the bandit save and it can be found here: Theanna

I have also PMd Dave the link so hopefully he will add it to the thread soon.

For the vampire save, do you need Dawnguard DLC?