Skyrim Save Editor

Back-up your save before using! May corrupt! Already Rehashes/Resigns! Not made by me!

real or virus? developer scan please?

He didn’t make one. I’ll scan it though.

It Takes a few to load up & i don’t understand how to use it really but it’s clean. Here’s a virus scan & image of the program itself. :smiley:

The Dev took the old link down. He said it’d be updated.

Lets hope it works :smiley:

He said it won’t work till’ this next update. Should be up anytime now I hope!

You should really scan it in virus total. Not very hard to crypt a file to be UD to ESET.

Where is the download link?

I hope it comes back up.

Where is the download link?

They reuploading it :wink:

Link Updated!

I do not either know how to work this editor… or it does not work?

Worked for me.

It’s Still The Same Thing & It’s Still Clean So Just Look At My Last Post With the virus scan & screenshot. My Question Is how do you use it exactly? there’s nothing to press at all.?

Open the program, select your file, edit the things to your liking, and then close it and it will save.

Everytime i click on the download LINK … my pc closes everything and it restarts …
does anyone else has this problem?

When I try to select anything set to false, it does not highlight or anything. I tried to edit the label side, and could edit them. There is no drop down boxes or ways to select the values.

Umm ok. I guess i can message the guy that made it to change how it looks and works.

VirusTotal - Free Online Virus, Malware and URL Scanner Virus Scan, I think its Clean-

Dont Want to Download For me