Skyrim Save game request?

Hey guys newbie here.

I’ve been looking all over the internet but I just cant find a save file for this.

All I really want is all perks. That’s it, no extra items or whatever. (Ideally in a way which still works with the game, so I would be level 251 or whatever and my health, stamina, and magic are at like 800,1000,1000 respectively, the carry weight would be appropriate for my stamina level etc).

Here’s the link to my Xbox 360 save
I’m in Riverwood just after Alduin attacks Helgen, in the first part of the game.

I played Skyrim like 3 years ago and practically completed it but eventually my disc became too scratched and I haven’t been able to play it since. Recently I decided to buy a new disc, this time with the legendary edition, so I do have all 3 DLC’s now. The thing is I don’t really want to play the game from scratch and would just like a decent save file, not all the god mode crap you find.

If anyone is willing to help me out, I’d really appreciate it. I hope I’m not asking too much. I would do it myself, but I don’t have Skyrim for PC.
Thanks again guys.

Can you re-host your save on mediafire? I’ll mod it for you if you can switch.

Oh my God thank you. Here you go. I’ve gotten a bit further, I’m level 16 I think, I’m inside Lakeview manor. I hope this doesnt cause any problems.

Do you want all your skills set at 100 with no perk points added? Or did you want the perk points as well? I can go up to 255 I think.

I would like the perk points as well please so I can max out all the skill trees. Thanks again bro. You’re the best!

Level 255 is fine, which ever suites.

What carry weight do you want? That’s all I need from ya and I’ll have your save up

Uhhh I think it will be 5300. With stamina at 1000.

Let me know how it works!

[details=Open Me]


Ill let you know how it works.

It works!
I thought it would crash or something, but it didn’t. Although a warning popped up when I selected the save file, it said ‘some content may no longer be available’ or some **** but all my DLC’s seem to be working fine.
So thanks bro, you’ve made someone very happy!

Yeah, that’s because I have Hi-Res texture packs installed, so that’s why it threw that warning. Glad it works though, enjoy.

Might also have popped up because I cleaned my master files with TES5Edit