Skyrim Save Modding: "Unobtainable Enchantments on Enchantment Table" Tutorial

Well I just want to give you all some knowledge on putting “unobtainable” enchantments from like Mehrunes Razor’s Instant kill enchant and the like onto the enchanters table. This will make your next save have a nice “Badass Mage” aspect to it.

  1. First open Creation Kit and make a new mod.
  2. Find a GENERIC weapon/armor ex. Daedric sword or an iron sword.
  3. Double click and under the enchantments tab pick the enchantment you want.
  4. Now open your modded save in pc skyrim, with the mod running, and add the item to your inventory via console or whatever.
  5. Now disenchant that base generic item, which won’t be generic with the mod on in account of you placing your own enchantment on it from the Creation Kit, at the enchanting table and your done. You will keep the enchantment on the table when you take the save to xbox/playstation. Then you will be able to enchant a freaking wooden long bow to have the powers of Auriel’s Bow or a shank to devour the dreams of sleeping victims. Of course the generic pieces that you modded won’t have that enchant anymore when it heads over to the console, but you can enchant whatever weapons/armor you want with the knew enchantments you learned.

I hope you all enjoy, and i hope to see some more amazing Skyrim Save Mods in the future!

~Daevas Delanos

wow… this would be so badass if i knew how to mod my own saves via PC version of Skyrim. curse my computer illiterate PC modding skills!!! :anguished: