Skyrim Snow Elf Save (Download)

Save 353 - DURR Forgotten Vale 42.0.exs

Snow Elf save, also my personal save.
You are a vampire, but for whatever reason the Vampirism doesn’t effect the race when you use showracemenu to get the Snow Elf.

The dev. chests are back in Jorrvaskr, and Knight-Paladin Gelebor seems to have disappeared. :anguished:

College Quests - Incomplete
Main Quests - Incomplete
Discerning the Transmundane - Complete
Level - 81
Perks - Not all, but a lot
The wife will be either at Vlindrel Hall (Markarth) or Proudspire Manor (Solitude)
Dawnguard Quests - Vampires, completed
Vampire Perks - Probably 1 or 2. lol
Spells - All, I used psb

Health 2500
Magicka 7500
Stamina 10000
Skills - All 100 and above

Female Snow Elves are not possible. You get a high elf from trying.
The hair on the character was the only hair available, racemenu would not let me change the hair.
You can only wear Ancient Falmer Armour. You can technically wear other items, but they won’t show up on your character.

Hope you like the save.

ALSO, if you want your character to be a snow elf, post in my save modding thread.

I like your save as it is but could you make your save complete godmode? All areas unlocked unlim health magicka stamina and shout time recov? No speed boost because that bugs the hell outta me. Other then that I think this is the first snow elf save EVER for xbox. Nice job and one more thing. Smithing materials atleast 1000 of ea would be epic THANKS!

How did you unlock some of the werewolf howls as shouts without it freezing? I added the save to my profile and could use stuff that normally froze when I tried unlocking it, is there anyway you could unlock all of them and reupload the save? And is there anyway you could drop down the health, magicka, and stamina anywhere between 500 and 1000?

I don’t have this mod yet but r u weak in the sun and people hate u like a normal vampire

will this work if i don’t have the dawnguard dlc?

No you must have the Dawnguard DLC.

looks like i’ll be buying it then… can u still do the fortify restoration glitch with dawnguard?

I have a problem with this save. When I load it my guy has no head. He just has floating eyebrows and teeth. Is that normal? I mean is it like this for everyone or just me?

Only thing I can think of is you put the save on your computer and screwed around with the character’s appearance on the PC.

Can i use this mod for xbox?

I like your save as it is but could you make your save complete godmode?

GreatWhite000 are you still available for modding a skyrim save for me please?

Nice mod save bro!!

I have a problem with this save. When I load it my guy has no head

How to install?