Skyrim Special Edition

Anyone else as excited as I am for this?

Announcing that this is a free download for those with the game and expansion already is pretty awesome!

Anyways, I was curious as if the mods will work the same on this version as it did the original?

Can anyone clarify this for me? :smiley: Thanks.

It would probably not work, since its an own download on steam and maybe use an new .exe

Not quite sure when you said there, but maybe I can figure it out with some editing.

I sure hope they at least make some mods! Otherwise after the main story and the main side quests like Dark Brotherhood and the Civil War, it gets pretty darn boring!

What it meant its that it probably need a whole new trainer for that version.
Im not sure of it tho, but i think so.

Do you think the console commands will still work?

Hell yeah, why wouldnt it be. Bethesda always add console commands.

I never really could get into Skyrim to the point of playing 1000+ hours but I haven’t played it since 2013 and it is free so I’m not going to complain.

Maybe you can get into it now. Its just to pre-load. 12 hour for me to it release atm.

This would be an excellent time there really isnt going to be anything new from them in a while… ESO imo was a miss, but Skyrim with better graphics and new stuff? Yes please

ESO kys at launch. Even tho they tried to fix it now, its just decent at best.

I put in a good five hours on ESO, and why i just couldnt continue. It had good potential, but meh.

Skyrim SE said you could pre download it, and i thought it said yoy could play it before Friday. Big bummer.