Skyrim Testing Hall Xbox 360 Save (Tested and made by me)

Skyrim Testing Hall Save Information
Please Read

  Some people were asking around for a Testing Hall save for Xbox, so i went ahead and made one for the community. Careful with some of the chests, such as "All Enchanted Armor" as they will take 10-30 seconds to load and it will appear as your screen has been frozen, but fear not, it hasn't. Also this save is meant as a "Testing Save". What i mean by that is that on Xbox you cannot get out of the testing chambers as you cannot use a console command such as, "`COC Riverwood". This is meant to seave as a save where people can view armor, test spells, and skills to their liking so that they can obtain them in their main saves.

Also Credit to slyfuldragon for his post on how to preform an xbox save conversion here

This is the download link over at Mediafire (No survey’s Yay!) Save 1 - Michael Skyrim 00.26.10.exs

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You should add a door that allows you to warp out or something.

Also for those who do not know what the Testing Hall, or QASMOKE room, is please refer to this Wikipedia link.

Testinghall - The Elder Scrolls Wiki

@TheWolf, Even if i were able to, the Xbox Version(To my knowledge). Would be incapable of seeing these changes as they are not made to the save game, but the actual game data instead.

I had a modded save for oblivion that had access to the testing hall through a portal in the waterfront house. you could go back and forth.


i knew it would happen is there a way out this time ?

inb4 I cant fast travel out.

No, sorry there is no way out as I put it in the description. I’ll be looking into that as soon as I get back to modding the game.

still a great attempt though

Heck yeah. Its nice to be able to check it out.

Thanks :smile: