[Skyrim] The Ultimate .bat File!

All Perks
All Skills at 100
All Spell Tomes(So you can decided which ones you want)
All Shouts(Just Unlock In Menu)
All Map Markers Revealed
Instant Shout Cool-Down
Insane Magicka and Stamina Regen
Huge Carrying Capacity
Move 30% Faster
Critical Chance 30% Higher
When Zoomed in w/ Bow Time Stops
Captain America(1 Hit Unarmed Kills)
Left and Right Weapons Swing 5x Faster
Lot’s of Items for Smithing(All Ores)
Daedric Hearts

Tutorial Included

If you have anything that you feel would make it better please post your ideas.

Direct Download: Click Here! or Mediafire!
Password: saythanks

Password protected…

Updated with password.

Its not the ultimate bat file, there is somethings you are missing. For instance a bed you can sleep in spawns underneath you but its still amazing.

Never knew bats were in the game

I’m assuming that you’re being a ****. So with that being said the period or dot infront of bat indicates that it’s a batch file.

I guess it’s more of a batch file that is a good starter.

wow, that is pretty cool. does this work for xbox or am I stupid and don’t know what I’m talking about?

Yes it indeed does.

lol its for PC only, this is just for people who are modding xbox saves and want to do it quicker than it usually takes

Well, I’m guessing I would need the PC game for this to work from what I have read.

ok what is the password ?

OP says password is “saythanks”

I’d suggest that If you want your save modded with any of these just request it on the threads for that purpose.There are several on the forums, just search them out and if you ask nicely they’ll probably mod you xbox save to have the things posted in the batch file if you request it.

**** I only need like 4 more different .bats for my thread then I can actually have a fast moving shop.

Thanks man, really appreciate it.

Tell me what you need and I’ll work on it.

can someone please tell me how to use this?
its my first time with these stuff.