Skyrim Theme I put together

I put together a nice little Skyrim theme. All you need to do is plug in your usb into horizon and then drag and drop the file into the themes folder. Then (If you wish) move the theme from your Usb into your hard drive and enjoy! :laughing:

Virus Scan (Hope this is correct):

Nice, I am sure Skyrim fans will download this, not to be picky but can you upload a virus scan (Virus Total) When it is finished just copy and paste the address and link it in your original post.

Alright, hopefully I did it correctly! :smiley:

That’s pretty badass dude. I’ll send this out to some buds. Might use it myself.

Speaking of themes, I found a subreddit that is dedicated toward Xbox One themes for those interest.
By the way, thanks for sharing!

Site - r/XboxThemes

…I figured I’d share for those who have a Xbox One and for those who are interested in making their own and sharing them with us/the community; I don’t even have a X1 console, but still found a few themes that I could see myself using whenever I upgrade.

Yup, it’s correct.