Skyrim Tool?

are u releasing one soon?

Theres already a couple of threads about a tool…

Just get the PC version and shut up.

I cant get approval for a pc in a hospital room I am trying to get approval for an xbox and that seems to be almost imposible.

So I am looking for a tool to ad cash so I can do more with the time I have at home.

So a pc version will not work for me and this pc will not work for games I had to upgrade my browser from 7.0 to 8.0 and it was like watching paint dry.

I am sure if you look at the time between post you will see I have been gone for a long time.

I had to apply for a password restest just to get back on today.

oh I had to redownload the mod tool again as it said running in local mode as well

Please do not bother to flame me.

Unsuccessful troll is unsuccessful. If we could play it on the PC in the first place, why the hell would we even need to mod the Xbox version?

This is a good point. I guess if you had a low power PC, you could just run it for console, do ya thang, than put back on xbox to get good graphics ect. But, There was no need for his outburst.

Someone is asking for a tool, Fast answer is, there currently isnt a tool as far as i know. i have researched ALOT the past 24 hours. Only method to use PC version and extract your save from the xbox file and open it in Skyrim PC Console and mod it like that.

Sorry. Rumor has it that The Horizon devs are working on a tool, but i dont think this is confimred. Aparently Cheater really likes Oblivion and is keen to make a tool for it. But again, i could be wrong on that one.

You might have some luck with someone modding your save for you on one of the other threads, i have seen a at least one where someone has already. There is also a save in one thread for download that is at the start of the game with extra skill points/cash. Hope this helps your situation.

I Posted something in Diamond :wink:
Mod tools for Skyrim, Dead Island, and Saints Row: The Third

Here is a save, Has these Levels:
High Money
100 every skill
Level 204 overall
dedric armor
dedric weapons
all amgic skills
Not very far tough game tho, So if your looking for a save thats easy to play with butstill want to do the Quests and stuff, this one is probably what you want:

Download Here

I have an early morning ahead of me but if you still haven’t found a solution by tomorrow i can mod a save for you or make you one at the start of the game. I know how irritable i was over the fact that i couldn’t mod mine for a few days because i was trying to rehash and inject with stupid Modio. And all i wanted was more perk points :S

Hi guys.

Last night I spent some time downloading horizon and a hex editor.

I managed to follow some guidelines all over google and eventually managed to edit my .dat file with gold, and then resign it. Great SUCCESS!!! Hex editing the gold values was easy, but now I can’t get to change any skill values such as destruction or perk points or what not.

Does anybody who is familiar with game hacking, know of a method for me to locate these sections in the hex code and then to edit them?

I tried converting my skill level decimal to hex and then searching for it in the code, but it does not work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

use the tool mudkipz posted.

Hi jarethb

Can you teach me as to how you know where the hex values are for skills and perks?
I managed to mod my gold with the barrel method. worked great. No idea how to do the skills and perks. Like destruction etc.

Nice. Sorry for the double post.

Didn’t see the reply in time.

Damit!!! Fine, ill rebuy diamond:lol:
Ot yes mod tools have been the “thing” for skyrim, ive see about 50 topics, cheater is working on one from what i hear

I am not a diamond member…

I have no way of paying for stuff over the internet via credit card etc.

That tool only mods general stats. Nothing you can use in the game.

I want a tool badly im trying to get someone with the pc version to help now cause im stuck at lvl 14 so i posted a thread with my save in it to get some help.


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