Skyrim Trainer ?!

hi i dont know why i havent thought of this before but…can a skyrim trainer be made for this… things like godmode level selection for main level and all the different skills aswell as unlimated stamina and magica, speedhack and possably be able to swich to and from a dragon ? unlimated sneak? no time between shouts and other things ???

In an earlier thread, Chris said -

But yeh pretty much like Chris said, there really isn’t a benefit of creating a Skyrim trainer only because you can get much more off of console commands.

Some of the things you want to do like switching back and forth from a playable dragon wouldn’t even be possible with console commands, you’d need several mods from the nexus. One for models, one for proper animations, Fore’s New Idles etc. It’s a bit more complicated than opening console and typing a few commands.

For god mode, open console with ~ and type “tgm” without quotes

For adjusting stats like magicka, use “player.setav stamina 9999999”

There’s command lists for unlocking all perks in a certain tree, leveling skills, etc.

For skipping story missions, you need a combination of setstage commands and actually completing parts of quests that console commands won’t finish for you, like the college of winterhold main quest. Don’t think a trainer would help you out much here.

i know about console commands and i have used them alot but i think it would be nice to just be able to do all this at the click of a button.

Could always just enchant a god mode item and just bind it to a hotkey through favorites.

There’s a fallout 4 trainer. Can’t be much harder creating a trainer for skyrim.

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Whats the point? you can just create a bat file giving you everything you want and then just load the bat file through console commands. that’s honestly what I did.