Skyrim xbox 360 jtag fatal crash please help

okay whenever I put in the dlc on skyrim on my xbox 360 with the latest freestyle dash I load in the game and it says loading downloadable content then it crashes and goes back to home screen can someone please help me!

what dlc are you running? i encountered the same thing and the culprit was dragonborn. check this thread we may have the same problem.

yeah im trying to run all 3 Im not sure if i have a corrupted file or not because the ones i have were the only ones i could find

Have you tried the ones from adens thread? MEGA

ill try it

Still crashes

Make sure you have the latest title update guys. You need it for Dragonborn.

Just building on the this comment… Also make sure you are on the latest Dashboard Update too!

You can also check the DLC is unlocked by using XM360.

im on u10 if thats not the latest Ill need a download link for the latest one

I am connected to the internet and went into settings and there is no available updates

i use content manager to unlock it… do you have a link for xm360, fsd or maybe aurora?

Actually all link above is no longer avaible can some please help me cause i need those dlc and my xbox keep crashing