Skyrim xbox 360 looking for a great modder

Im not rerally sure what im doing and such very very new to this and all. i was in hopes to find a very good modder for Skyrim on the xbox 360. i have all the DLC for it and bla bla. beaten the game at lest the main story a few times now. what i want to know is if there is a modder that can redo a saved game for me with PC mods and make them into 360 mods that are playable. im just looking for weapon stuff to be added onto my godsave as well as the all the shouts and items from the DLC with all the map stuff as well. ANYWAYS as i said im new to this and would like to talk to a modder that could do this me ^_^"

Transfaring pc mods (with assets and such) to a xbox 360 through savegame modding is impossible. You could theoretically transfare skyrim pc mods to xbox 360 with a mod chip’d xbox 360 and a lot of knowledge but it would be more effective just buying a pc or xbox one (ps4 doesn’t allow external assets).

As for the items, there are a lot of items you want added so you are going to have to make the list of commands yourself.

Also, I am not going to mod anything but someone else most likely will if you make it easy for them.

Like @sNaKe said the mods part won’t happen, I think people have gotten it to work with some mods but it probably took longer than they care to admit.

As for shouts and items, if you make text document with notepad containing all the commands to add said things, I can help with that part but I’m not going to input all that myself

ah kk well i figer i ask. alright so in the modding word what is ment by commands? as said im very new to this so i kinda need things dummyed down for me lol

The pc version has a dev/debbuging console that allows you run commands. Running player.additem f 10 would give you 10 gold for exampel.

You can google the commands by googling something like “Skyrim console command set stamina”, replacing “set stamina” with whatever you want to do.

The list should look something like this.
player.additem f 99999999
player.additem 000727de 500
player.additem 0001b3bd 500
player.additem 00106e1b 500
player.additem 00106e19 500
player.setav carryweight 1000

The order doesn’t matter, just don’t put two or more commands on the same line.

Edit: Almost forgot. The commands for adding dlc items includes the dlc load order. Instead of writing the load order in the command, write the dlc name. The modder can then mass replace it with their dlc load order in a text editing program (e.g notepad++).

ok i found a mod that has what i want but i cant make my own char. would you be able to fix that?

like would you be able to put back to very start of the game with all the mods on it?

It should be theoretically possible but since there aren’t any one command for reseting progression you pretty much would have to do everything manually. You can activate the initial “custmize your character” screen, but that would only change your character appearance.

ah kk. well i wanted to be able to make the whole Character like the race and sex and so on. with the modded save i hace now would some one or your self be able to set it back with the mods at the very start of the game? the mods are all there i just want to be able to make my own Char. and so forth

sent a pm with the mod file

I am not going to mod your save. The only thing the modder would be able to do for you with the character customization screen is change the gender and race to what you want. Changing character progression like npcs and quests would be too time consuming.

I have a modded save on here somewhere that is at the character creation screen but some of the things it is supposed to do it doesn’t.

damn. oh well its fine like i said im new to this stuff so i have no clue what can be done and what cant be done. thank you kindly for your time though and thank you for speaking to me on this. :slight_smile: