Skyrim, xbox 360 save editor?

hey just me asking weather anyone has, or knows of a xbox 360 skyrim save editor i can use, thank you for any help you may provide, post download links please if you can.

you really need to use the search feature or just look around more.

You can also try this one to edit your gold.Good luck mate.

try this Skyrim Save Editor Tool for Xbox 360 | Skyrim Mods | Elder Scrolls Skyrim Mods for Xbox 360 i just found it and i dont know if it really works or not cuz i havent tried it… nevermind it is one of those things you have to do surveys for… im not doing that crap

From all I’ve dealt with that its a virus, and notice how the image displayed looks like Horizon’s oblivion editor? Seems fishy to me.

Why the hell would you bump a 5 month thread?

does anyone have a xbox 360 mod for max or add perks for skyrim that uses horizon

is anyone modding chars? not just gold, i need some stat boosts, ie. health, magic and stamina.

You can also try this one to edit your gold.Good luck mate.

can anyone make a mod were say lydia is gigantic and like the yarls are mini

I know it’s old but I couldn’t find one here so I found one somewhere else


You should rather make an own new topic on this. Instead of reviving a old topic :wink:

@Chris Should be closed yes?

Sorry i’m new lol, i’ll remember that in the future thanks :smile:

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if you have the PC version you can use it to edit your 360 save