[Skyrim xbox] Custom Save Editing Service [First 5 Only] Group 1

This is for gamers who only have the xbox 360 version of Skyrim.

Update Feb 21
No longer taking requests.

Update: Feb 8
I said I would only do 5 but I’m going to keep this going for another week or two. If you’re a PC gamer you may want to read the Skyrim Console Class 101. It’s a topic that answers how I do everything I do.

[b]What you can do:

  • Post a comment to claim your place in line. First 5 people only.
  • Take up to seven days to really think about what you want, then comment here to tell me everything at once.[/b]
  • Ask any questions. I and others will help you if you want input.
  • Use Horizon to extract your xbox save file to your PC.
  • Upload your save to a website like MediaFire.
  • Post a link to your save when you ask me to mod it or send me the link in a Private Message.
  • Always be cool. I’ll work with you. I don’t want to give you something you won’t use.

Please virus-scan your file or use a website that will scan it for you. I run software that watches everything for viruses. I will manually scan your file when I get it and before I send it back. You can send me the exs file or extract savegame.dat from it and send that.

When you send me your file you will be missing valuable Skyrim playing time while waiting on me to edit it. I understand. Let me know if you’re anxious and I’ll return your save with as much haste as I can. I will very likely be able to finish each request within 24 hours.

You may want to think about the idea of starting a new game (getting to the first town) and letting me mod that file instead of your current character. It would be like a master save that you can have fun with on the side, or it could be a character that you’ve been wanting to play.

If you’re not one of the five people I’m helping, please wait until my next topic “…Group 2”.

What I will not do:
If it’s not listed below then I probably won’t do it. I will not make mannequins, weapon racks, or book shelves. They require not only the main case/plaque/body object but also invisible holders for each piece. I have to get and set each x y and z coordinate by typing single commands until I have it exactly where I want it, and there are another 6 commands for rotating objects. Placing items is tedious.

What I can do:

  • Add/Remove/Drop Items
  • Increase/Decrease Stats
  • Add/Remove Skills
  • Unlock Shouts / Give Dragon Souls
  • Powers and Blessings
  • Developer Chest Set
  • All Disenchantable Items
  • Add Non-360 Items
  • Armor/Weapons/Items Pack
  • Vivid Ring Pack
  • Remove an NPC
  • Ownership of Any Location
  • Make an NPC your Potential Follower
  • Add Containers
  • Add Crafting Utilities
  • Sex/Race/Name Change
  • Change Quest Status
  • Map Update
  • A Shrine or A Loading Screen Statue
  • Change the Time Scale

Add/Remove/Drop Items

  • You can find item codes here: Skyrim:Items - UESPWiki
  • Or you can give me a list like: “I want 10000 Daedric Arrows, 5000 Daedra Hearts, and 900 Black Souls Gems with Grand souls in them”.
  • Or you could say: “Give me 9000 of all arrows, 9000 of all crafting supplies, 9000 of all soul gems, and 9000 of all ingredients”.
  • If you have quest items you want to drop, I can place them somewhere in your house so you can grab them later when you need them.
  • If you request a lot of items be aware that they may exceed your Carry Weight and you will be very slow until you deposit them somewhere. It may be best if you are in your house on the save file you send to me.
  • Be sure that you want it. Having too much can ruin the experience of the game if you haven’t played through it before.

Increase/Decrease Stats
I can change any stat listed here:
Tes5Mod:Actor Value Indices - UESPWiki
Give me the “Console name” and what you want me to set it to.
I played with my Carry Weight set to 99,999,999 for a long time and never had any problems with it. The menu speed is dependent on the number of unique items, not the weight but it seems to get slow between 3000 and 5000 weight of items, as a general guideline. I’ve carried over 150,000 weight and the menu was slow but usable. Now I travel with about 600 weight and rarely pick anything up. If you’re new to the game I would suggest a higher weight.

Add/Remove Skills
If you want a skill but don’t want the skill before it, or if you bought a skill and no longer want it: I can add or remove any skills. They don’t have to be sequential. You can find the skill codes here:
Skyrim:Skills - UESPWiki

Unlock Shouts / Give Dragon Souls
Give me the code of each Word you want to learn. Start at this Shout page:
Skyrim Dragon Shouts - UESPWiki
Click on the Shout to find the three Word codes.
example: Unrelenting Force (Fus Ro Dah) is: 13e22 13e23 13e24
The Dragon Word Walls in the world and the related quests will still work properly.

Powers and Blessings
Give me the Spell Ids of what you want from this page:
Skyrim Powers - UESPWiki
and from this page:
Skyrim Blessings - UESPWiki
You can have any of them. For instance you don’t have to be an Argonian to have the Waterbreathing Power and you don’t have to be a Nord to have Battle Cry.

Developer Chest Set
I can create any of these dwarven chests that contain every item. Tell me where you want me to place them. I would recommend it not being outside because it would have to load into memory every time you approach that area.
All Books
All Skill Books
All Spell Tomes
All Clothing and Jewelry
All Staffs
All Keys
All Miscellaneous Items

Opening the Armor and Weapons chests will take a minute or two to load all of the items and it is very slow when you remove an item from them. Be patient. Save your game before you play with any of these 4 chests. I would highly recommend that you request exact items that you want me to add to your inventory instead of adding these four containers.
All Standard Armor
All Enchanted Armor
All Standard Weapons
All Enchanted Weapons

All Disenchantable Items
I can add all of the clothing, armor, jewelry, and weapons that can be disenchanted so you can learn their effects.

Add Non-360 Items
There are a few weapons and items that you can not get on the 360 because they were either not implemented in the game or they are being used by NPC’s that can’t be killed or pickpocketed. I can easily give you all of those. This also includes things like the dragon stone, dwemer cubes and other unique things you can decorate your house with. These items are not flagged as quest items. They can not be given to people as if they were quest items. The original quest items will still be in the world for you to find. These are droppable/sellable copies.

Armor/Weapons/Items Pack
This is a selection of quest rewards and rare weapons/armors/ingredients/potions/foods/stuff.

Vivid Ring Pack
These are custom rings that I make. They are not found anywhere in the game. I’ve spent a lot of time making and testing rings and these are my favorites. You can give any of these rings to a follower. I will give you 8 copies of each ring. They will all be named Gold Ring. The Vampire ring will turn you into a vampire. The Permanent Werewolf ring is Permanent! The Skeever ring is permanent too, and it turns you into a Skeever. When you use the Weather rings: put them on then take them off - you don’t want to wear them constantly because the weather activation code would be running in the background over and over. The same goes for the Poison and Disease ring. Put it on, exit inventory, then take the ring off. The Bodyguards ring gives you a Dragon Priest and Dremora Lord. Waterhop lets you jump on top of the water. The effect will say “Waterwalk” but they didn’t make that work properly before releasing the game. You slowly sink if you don’t jump. The Party Time ring gives you saturated and blurred graphics. It’s the drug effect from Sleeping Tree Sap. The jolt when you put it on (Dismay Push Effect) is harmless but I thought it was funny to add. Rings included:
Ring of Bodyguards
Ring of Boethiah’s Shadow Embrace
Ring of Candlelight
Ring of Cure Diseases and Poisons
Ring of Ethereal
Ring of Familiar
Ring of Invisibility
Ring of Invisibility and Candlelight
Ring of Invisibility and Nighteye
Ring of Night Eye
Ring of Party Time
Ring of Permanent Werewolf Form
Ring of Permanent Skeever Form
Ring of Double Flame Thralls
Ring of Frost Storm Thralls

Ring of Vampire
Ring of Waterhop
Ring of Clear Weather
Ring of Stormy Weather
(the rings marked in blue may not work after updating to patch 1.4)

Remove an NPC
The overzealous hobo in Markarth? The loud worshiper in Whiterun? The children in Solitude? A racist in Windhelm? That guy in your favorite bar who wont stop singing? I can permanently remove anyone from your game. This will ruin any quests they are related to.

Ownership of Any Location
I can use the command SetCellOwnership on the interior of any location. Containers will be safe to store items in, and the place will be treated the same as if you had purchased it. Some locations may have issues, like where the Jarls and other important NPC’s are located. I’ve been living at the Black-Briar Lodge for a long time and loving it. Tell me if you want me to delete any NPC’s that are in “your” house.

Make an NPC your Potential Follower
Tell me who you want and I can add the dialogue option to them so you can ask them to follow you whenever you want. Or I can create a duplicate of an NPC and give them the option, if you would prefer to not alter the original person. Some NPC’s like the Jarls will not work, but most NPC’s will. Sadly, I can not make an animal your follower. NPC’s that belong to special groups may not be your follower until you join that group. (Like Vex with the Thieves Guild.)

Add Containers
I can add and resize any container item. Tell me where to put it. I hate positioning sacks, but barrels and chests are relatively easy. I know how nice it is to have extra places to put things so I want to offer this option to you. But I don’t want to spend hours redesigning your house. Please keep this request as simple as possible.

Add Crafting Utilities
I can add an Alchemy Lab, Arcane Enchanter, Anvil, Blacksmith Forge, Grindstone, Smelter, Tanning Rack, or Workbench inside or outside your house. Tell me where to put them. If you want them inside I can remove furniture if you want me to make space for these items.

Sex/Race/Name Change
I can open the menu that you use at the be beginning of the game to create your character. I don’t want to set every little detail about your character, but if you just want a change of pace and don’t care too much about what you look like, I can switch it to a different race or sex for you. I can leave the name as it is or change it. I can change the name without changing your appearance.

Change Quest Status
I don’t want to spend a lot of time trying to solve quest problems but I can advance a quest to the next step or I can mark it as completed. Find the quest you want me to modify and give me the exact quest code and stage id from this site:
Skyrim:Quests - UESPWiki

Map Update

  • Hide all locations
    They will be visible when you discover them again, like normal.
  • Mark all undiscovered locations
    You will not be able to fast travel to them until you discover them, but they will be on your main map. It’s like when someone in town tells you about a place and puts it on your map in gray. I can do that for every place you haven’t found yet so you can at least know where they are.
  • Activate all locations
    All locations are marked in white and available for fast travel.

A Shrine or a Loading Screen Statue
One item only on this offer. I will place one shrine or item that you see on the loading screens wherever you want it. A mini version of Alduin on his Dragon Wall sitting on the edge of a table looks great. Or maybe you want a large map of Skyrim on the wall. Or you can have your favorite shrine on a table. Activating the shrine will give you the associated blessing. Tell me where to put it and what size it should be. These items can not be grabbed and moved by you. The loading screen items have no collision detection. And remember that I can put it outside and make it as large as you want.

Akatosh - Magicka regenerates 10% faster
Arkay - Health +25 pts
Dibella - +10 Speechcraft
Julianos - Magicka +25 pts
Kynareth - +25 Stamina
Mara - Healing spells 10% more effective
Stendarr - Block 10% more damage
Talos - Time between shouts reduced 20%
Zenithar - Prices 10% better

Interesting Load Screen Items:
Alduin (dragon)
Odahviing (dragon)
Frost Dragon
Swamp Dragon
Bronze Dragon
Dragon Skull
Mask Altar
Skyrim Logo
Statue of Ysgramor
Statue of Namira
Statue of Meridia
Statue of Malacath

Change the Time Scale
Changing the time scale does not effect movement speed. The timescale is set to 20 by default and it can be lowered to 1 at which the game clock is exactly like the real world clock. Personally I think 20 is very rushed - you do one thing then it’s night already. I played at 10 for a few weeks and enjoyed it then I changed it to 5 and I feel that’s perfect (that’s 1 hour real time = 2.5 hours game time). At that point there is enough time in the day to make it feel real.

If you increase it too much it can possibly hinder some quests that depend on you being somewhere at a specific time, like getting married. At a time scale of 1000 the hours will fly by but the sky is okay. I wouldn’t recommend going above 2000. Around 3000 is enough to cause a seizure. Plus it has to be killing the processor. But I’ll set it to whatever experience you want to have. At a time scale of 10,000 when the sun sets your eyes don’t have enough time to adjust to the darkness before the sun rises again, making the game almost unplayable.

How to Update your Save
The save file I send back to you will be the ess file. You will need to replace Savegame.dat in your exs with it. Insert your memory card into the computer and open Horizon. The panel on the right is called the Device Explorer. Navigate it and find your Skyrim save. Double click that to open it. What you have just opened is the exs file. Click the Contents tab at the top right of that panel and and you will see a list with one entry: Savegame.dat. That file is the same thing as the PC version of a Skyrim save file that I sent to you. We need to replace that. Click on Savegame.dat with the right mouse button and choose Replace from the menu. Browse for the ess file I sent you and select it. A few seconds will pass and then it will say “File replaced successfully!” Then you click the big red button that says “Save, Rehash, and Resign” and a few more seconds later it will tell you that it is successful. Pop the memory stick back into the xbox and load the file. Don’t choose the “Continue” option when you start the game. Manually select the file.

Very nice, but I have the PC version. My question would be how can I make those Vivid rings/import them into my game?

If you have the PC version, here are my codes to create the Vivid Rings:

Ring of Bodyguards
PlayerEnchantObject 1CF2B 10DDED 10FC12

Ring of Boethiah’s Shadow Embrace
PlayerEnchantObject 1CF2B 81182 81181

Ring of Candlelight
PlayerEnchantObject 1CF2B 1EA6C

Ring of Cure Diseases and Poisons
PlayerEnchantObject 1CF2B 109ADD AE722

Ring of Ethereal
PlayerEnchantObject 1CF2B 64D68

Ring of Familiar
PlayerEnchantObject 1CF2B 640B4

Ring of Invisibility
PlayerEnchantObject 1CF2B 1EA6A

Ring of Invisibility and Candlelight
PlayerEnchantObject 1CF2B 1EA6A 1EA6C

Ring of Invisibility and Nighteye
PlayerEnchantObject 1CF2B 1EA6A 6B10C

Ring of Night Eye
PlayerEnchantObject 1CF2B 6B10C

Ring of Party Time
PlayerEnchantObject 1CF2B E3CBB 7B6BA

Ring of Permanent Werewolf Form
PlayerEnchantObject 1CF2B 92C45

Ring of Permanent Skeever Form
PlayerEnchantObject 1CF2B 6E205

Ring of Double Flame Thralls
PlayerEnchantObject 1CF2B 4E945 CDECF

Ring of Frost Storm Thralls
PlayerEnchantObject 1CF2B CDED0 CDED1

Ring of Vampire
PlayerEnchantObject 1CF2B C4DDE

Ring of Waterhop
PlayerEnchantObject 1CF2B 8CAC9

Ring of Clear Weather
PlayerEnchantObject 1CF2B 78B9D

Ring of Stormy Weather
PlayerEnchantObject 1CF2B E3F0A

Thank you!

Hey man, it’d be really cool if you could mod my save.
save - Save 228 - ****** Whiterun 125.01.0.exs
virus scan - https://www.virustotal.com/file/e80cc80a228aff9ae252a33a3f170c4aa10118ce147eb371c5458e73aa95081c/analysis/1328314408/

I’d like my Magicka to be at 1000, health at 500 and carry weight/stamina at 500 as well

I’d like some Developer Chests downstairs in the Solitude House -
All Clothing and Jewelry
All Staffs
All Keys
All Skill Books

I’d like to own the Black Briar House in Whiterun

Did I do it right?

Whats the console command to make the map markers blacked out instead of unlocked?

*** Will edit this post with my request when I get home ***

sorry but its first come first serve, no reserving, thats not fair for the people who are ready to request

I modified GreatWhite000’s file and sent it to him. This is the script I made:
#Change Stat
Player.SetAv Magicka 3000
Player.SetAv Health 3000
Player.SetAv Stamina 3000
Player.SetAv CarryWeight 3000
COC SolitudeProudspireManor #Travel
#Add Developer Chests downstairs in the Solitude House
#Player.PlaceAtMe C2CD8 All Clothing and Jewelry
#Player.PlaceAtMe C2CDE All Staffs
#Player.PlaceAtMe C2CDB All Keys
COC WhiterunJorrvaskr #Travel
Player.PlaceAtMe 1A692 #Add Farkas
Player.PlaceAtMe 1A694 #Add Vilkas
COC WhiterunHouseBattleBorn #Travel
#Own Battle-Born House in Whiterun
SetCellOwnership WhiterunHouseBattleBorn

powerhit22, I request that people reserve a spot here, then think about it for up to a week before telling me what to modify.

Mekanikz, You’re in! Take your time and ask any questions you have.

Console Map Codes
TMM = Toggle Map Markers
The command line: TMM A B C
A = 0 is hide, 1 is show
B = 0 is no fast travel (grey), 1 is fast travel (white)
C = 0 is all except hidden, 1 is all including hidden
TMM 0 0 0 #Hide all markers
TMM 1 0 0 #Show all markers and do not set new locations for fast travel
TMM 1 1 1 #Show all markers and set all locations for fast travel

I would love it if you could post a couple of console commands: how to spawn loading screen statues, how to spawn/remove furniture, and how to spawn all enchanted armor/weapons to disenchant, how to own any house, how to rotate/move objects?

Load Screen Item Codes
These objects have no collision detection.
00000DE9 #Ritual
00000DE8 #Mage
00000DE7 #Lover
00000DE6 #Lord
00000DE5 #Lady
00000DE4 #Boethiah
00000DE3 #Atronach
00000DE2 #Apprentice
00000DE1 #Warrior
00000DE0 #Tower
00000DDF #Theif
00000DDE #Steed
00000DDD #Shadow
00000DDC #Serpent
0010FCD6 #Helmet Studded
0010FCD5 #Helmet Steel
0010FCD4 #Helmet NordPlate
0010FCD3 #Helmet Glass
0010FCD2 #Helmet Elven
0010FCD1 #Helmet Elbony
0010FCD0 #Helmet Draugr
0010FCCF #Helmet Dragonscale
0010FCCE #Helmet Daedric
0010DDCC #Metal Cage
0010F18C #Nord
0010F130 #Imperial Shield
0010F12F #Iron Shield Heavy
0010F12E #Steel Shield
0010F12D #Orcish Shield
0010EB01 #Dark Elf
0010E861 #Town
0010E860 #Market
0010E85F #Smith
0010E85E #Adventure
0010E85D #War
0010E85C #Reagent
0010E85B #Money
0010E85A #Thief
0010E859 #Sinister
0010E858 #Shops Magic
0010E70C #Female Imperial
0010E70B #Troll Clean
0010E43A #Male High Elf
0010DEA5 #Book Skyrim
0010DE98 #Khajiit Thief
0010DE97 #Falmer
0010D9B1 #Thalmor Boots
0010D9B0 #Argonian Barkeep
0010D3BC #Female Wood Elf
0010D18B #Soul Gem Grand
0010D18A #Dark Brotherhood Door
0010D189 #Spell Tome Alteration
0010D188 #Spell Tome Conjuration
0010D187 #Spell Tome Destruction
0010D186 #Spell Tome Illusion
0010D185 #Spell Tome Restoration
0010D183 #Stormcloak Helmet
0010D182 #Imperial Helmet
0010D181 #Potemas Skull
0010D180 #Gray Fox Bust
0010CDD3 #Redguard Male
0010CDC0 #Male Orc
0010CC50 #Glass Shield
0010CC42 #Helmet Blades
0010CC3F #Horker
0010CC3D #Companions Helm
0010CC3C #Dragon Skull
0010CC39 #Whiterun Shield
0010CC38 #Windhelm Shield
0010CC37 #Winterhold Shield
0010CC36 #Dawn Star Shield
0010CC35 #Falkreath Shield
0010CC34 #Hjaalmarch Shield
0010CC33 #Markarth Shield
0010CC32 #Solitude Shield
0010CC31 #Spellbreaker
0010CC2E #Riften Shield
0010CC2D #Breton Mage
0010C6DD #Skeleton
0010C6DC #Odahviing (dragon)
0010C6D9 #Bone Crown
0010C6CE #Dragonscale Cuirass
0010C6CD #Elven Shield
0010C6CC #Daedric Shield
0010C6CA #Dragonscale Shield
0010C629 #Statue of Ysgramor
0010C623 #Runed Stand
0010C622 #Mask Altar
0010C620 #Dwarven Armor
0010C61D #Frost Dragon
0010C61C #Swamp Dragon
0010C618 #Wind Caller Tomb
0010BFC3 #Spriggan
0010BFC2 #Draugr Female
0010BFBC #Argonian
0010BFBB #Black Briar Meadery Sign
0010BFB8 #Grey Beard Static
0010BFB7 #Instruments
0010BFB6 #Coffin
0010BEA6 #Greybeard
0010B2CE #Nocturnal Statue
0010B177 #Nord Plate Cuirass
0010B174 #Coffin
0010B16A #Thief Stone
0010AB3D #Hagraven
0010AB3A #Troll Cave
0010A965 #Cow
0010A963 #Alduin (dragon)
0010A17C #Werewolf
0010A17B #Statue of Namira
0010A17A #Statue of Meridia
0010A177 #Malacath Statue
0010A170 #Churus
0010A16F #Mudcrab
0010A169 #Bronze Dragon
0010A166 #Horses
0010A165 #Sabre Cat
0010A164 #Slaughter Fish
0010A163 #Frostbite Spider
0010A162 #Dwarven Spider
0010A161 #Dragon Priest
0010A160 #Wolves
0010A15F #Dog
0010A15E #Horse and Rider
0010952C #Hagraven
0010952B #Draugr Male
00109529 #Bear Brown
00109528 #Falmer
00109522 #Mammoth
0010951F #Deer
0010951E #Troll
0010951D #Steam
0010951C #Sphere
0010951B #Skeever
00109518 #Clavicus Vile Mask
00109515 #Logo
00109512 #Shrine of Azura
0010950F #Potions
001091DF #Shrine of Talos
001091DE #Shrine of Stendarr
001091DD #Shrine of Mara
001091DC #Shrine of Kynareth
001091DB #Shrine of Julianos
001091DA #Shrine of Dibella
001091D9 #Shrine of Arkay
00108D6D #Alchemy Workbench
00108D6C #Shrine of Akatosh
00108D6A #Enchanting Workbench
00108D69 #Whiterun Temple Tree
00108D67 #Giant

Remove Furniture /Objects /People
Open the Console by pressing the ~ key near the top left of your keyboard. Click on the item you want to remove. You will see it’s code id in the center of the top of the Console panel. Type “MarkForDelete” press the Enter key, then type “Disable” and press the Enter key.

Add Furniture /Objects /People
Player.PlaceAtMe <itemcode>
will create an object where you are standing.
Opening the Console and clicking an item in the world then typing:
PlaceAtMe <itemcode>
will create an object at the location of the item you clicked.
Object codes can be found with the Help command. Type:
Help Chest 0
then use the PageUp and PageDown keys to look through the list for the code you want. You will not see a list if you have the game in windowed mode. You have to fullscreen it. This is because the font they use does not scale with screen size and when the window is small you simply can’t see the lists it returns when you use Help.

Moving and Resizing Objects
To move an object, open the Console and click the item. It’s code will be shown at the top/center of the Console panel. Items that you create will always start with “ff”. Use the following commands to move objects:
GetPos X
GetPos Y
GetPos Z
SetPos X <value>
SetPos Y <value>
SetPos Z <value>
GetAngle X
GetAngle Y
GetAngle Z
SetAngle X <value>
SetAngle Y <value>
SetAngle Z <value>
SetScale <value>
It is very time consuming to place objects exactly where you want them to be.
The Angle commands do not redraw the object. It will appear that you have done nothing to them. Use the SetScale or SetPos command to force a redraw. SetScale 1 is the default. You can SetScale 5 or SetScale .01 or whatever you want it to be. I assume there is a limit on how big it can be. I’ve never needed to go above 5.

Items That Can Be Disenchanted
You can’t fill your Enchant list (like you can the Skills) by simply typing in commands. But I have made a list of items that cover every unique Enchantment that can be disenchanted so you can learn how to make other items like it. This is my script:
#This script adds one item of each type that can be disenchanted.
Player.AddItem 0AE087 1 #Extra Damage To Nords
Player.AddItem 0AE086 1 #Extra Damage To Animals
Player.AddItem 03B0BF 1 #Silent Moons
Player.AddItem 024CFF 1 #Fortify Smithing
Player.AddItem 1019D4 1 #Fortify Smithing and Shock Damage
Player.AddItem 10A06A 1 #Fortify Unarmed
Player.AddItem 0AA16F 1 #Absorb Health
Player.AddItem 0AA172 1 #Absorb Magicka
Player.AddItem 0AA175 1 #Absorb Stamina
Player.AddItem 0BE189 1 #Banish
Player.AddItem 08970B 1 #Fear
Player.AddItem 0896AE 1 #Fire Damage
Player.AddItem 0896bd 1 #Frost Damage
Player.AddItem 0896D5 1 #Magicka Damage
Player.AddItem 0BE197 1 #Paralyze
Player.AddItem 0896C9 1 #Shock Damage
Player.AddItem 0896EA 1 #Soul Trap
Player.AddItem 0896FF 1 #Stamina Damage
Player.AddItem 0896F3 1 #Turn Undead
Player.AddItem 08b667 1 #Fortify Alchemy
Player.AddItem 0b972e 1 #Fortify Alteration
Player.AddItem 10d669 1 #Fortify Alteration with Regenerate Magicka
Player.AddItem 0b9743 1 #Fortify Archery
Player.AddItem 10df4b 1 #Fortify Barter
Player.AddItem 0ad448 1 #Fortify Block
Player.AddItem 0accbb 1 #Fortify Carry Weight
Player.AddItem 0b9734 1 #Fortify Conjuration
Player.AddItem 10d66a 1 #Fortify Conjuration with Regenerate Magicka
Player.AddItem 0b9737 1 #Fortify Destruction
Player.AddItem 10d668 1 #Fortify Destruction with Regenerate Magicka
Player.AddItem 10df57 1 #Fortify Healing Rate
Player.AddItem 0b971c 1 #Fortify Health
Player.AddItem 0accc1 1 #Fortify Heavy Armor
Player.AddItem 08b6b1 1 #Fortify Illusion
Player.AddItem 10d671 1 #Fortify Illusion with Regenerate Magicka
Player.AddItem 0b971f 1 #Fortify Light Armor
Player.AddItem 0b9740 1 #Fortify Lockpicking
Player.AddItem 08b6b4 1 #Fortify Magicka
Player.AddItem 100e59 1 #Fortify Magicka Rate
Player.AddItem 0accce 1 #Fortify One-Handed
Player.AddItem 0b9749 1 #Fortify Pickpocket
Player.AddItem 08b6ba 1 #Fortify Restoration
Player.AddItem 10d66b 1 #Fortify Restoration with Regenerate Magicka
Player.AddItem 0accd1 1 #Fortify Smithing
Player.AddItem 0accbf 1 #Fortify Sneak
Player.AddItem 10df8c 1 #Fortify Stamina
Player.AddItem 10df5b 1 #Fortify Stamina Regen
Player.AddItem 0accd2 1 #Fortify Two-Handed
Player.AddItem 092a75 1 #Muffle
Player.AddItem 100e64 1 #Resist Disease
Player.AddItem 0b9710 1 #Resist Fire
Player.AddItem 0b9713 1 #Resist Frost
Player.AddItem 10dfb6 1 #Resist Magic
Player.AddItem 0fc03d 1 #Resist Poison
Player.AddItem 0b9716 1 #Resist Shock
Player.AddItem 0fc067 1 #Waterbreathing

How To Own Any House
Open the Console and type
SetCellOwnership <locationcodename>
You can enter this command from anywhere, you don’t have to be at the location, but I like to go there when I do it so I can see that the containers and items are no longer are marked as stealing. You can find location codenames at UESPWiki. And you can live anywhere - caves and mines and everything else. Some locations that contain people may have issues like the people may take things from your containers. You may want to remove them with the “MarkForDelete” and “Disable” commands, but be aware that any relative quests may be ruined when you remove important people.
SetCellOwnership WhiterunJorrvaskr
SetCellOwnership WhiterunJorrvaskrBasement
SetCellOwnership RoriksteadFrostFruitInn
SetCellOwnership RiverwoodSleepingGiantInn

My last annoying question would be if they have no collision properties, how do you stick them on say a shelf or something?

They will stay exactly wherever you place them when you use the SetPos/SetAngle commands. They don’t move by normal player interaction. The Dragon Skull is the only one I’ve noticed that does have collision detection, but it is also unmovable without SetPos/SetAngle. You would use these versions of the objects for decoration only.

For instance Potema’s Skull as a usable item is 9E01F. You can grab and move that with your normal player abilities. But if you want a larger version of her skull to mount on a wall, then you would use 10D181. The LoadScreen shields, armor, stones, altars, etc. do not function in any way.


What are the “Non-360 Items” you referred to in the OP?

Non-360 Items
These things can not be obtained in the game without the console, or they can not be kept after a quest, or they are very very rare. When you create them with these codes they are not marked as quest items and can not be used for quests. The weapons and armor can be used/worn. I did not include items that can not be equipped by the player. There are things like the Greybeard clothing that I think can be forcefully added to a player with [Player.EquipItem <itemid>] but I have not tested those so I didn’t list them.

0003a3d2 #Blank Lexicon
000ae087 #Briarheart Geis
00028ad7 #Broken Azura’s Star
0010cfef #Brown Robes
00019954 #Bust of the Gray Fox
0010d6a5 #College Robes
00044e12 #Curious Silver Mold
00073f38 #Deadly Lingering Poison
00073f94 #Deadly Recovery Poison
000df202 #Dragonstone
0005598c #Dwemer Puzzle Cube
000ffa01 #Elixir of Enhanced Stamina
000ff9fd #Elixir of Extra Magicka
000ff9fc #Elixir of Health
00039e55 #Elixir of Resist Magic
000e84c4 #Embellished Robes
000ead49 #Embroidered Garment
00060cc2 #Empire Shipping Map
00073f3d #Enduring Magicka Poison
00073f45 #Enduring Stamina Poison
0003ec95 #Firebrand Wine Case
0009f7a6 #Focusing Crystal
000cdec9 #Giant Club
000461da #Giant Club
000c334f #Giant Club
0010cff0 #Green Robes
0010cff1 #Grey Robes
000be25e #Headsman’s Axe
0010710a #Hooded Blue Robes
0010cfe4 #Hooded Brown Robes
0010cfec #Hooded Green Robes
0010cfea #Hooded Grey Robes
0010cfeb #Hooded Red Robes
0007c932 #Hoodless Archmage’s Robes
000dc530 #Imperial Documents
0004bce0 #Jarrin Root
00035073 #Jeweled Amulet
00044e67 #Jeweled Flagon
00044e6c #Jeweled Goblet
00044e6e #Jeweled Pitcher
000deed8 #Karliah’s Bow
0001be15 #Kothyr’s Head
00073f3e #Lasting Magicka Poison
00073f46 #Lasting Stamina Poison
0003a3e4 #Lexicon
00073f91 #Magicka Recovery Poison
00073f37 #Malign Lingering Poison
00073f93 #Malign Recovery Poison
00073f8e #Malign Vigor Poison
000d3de9 #Mantled College Robes
0010d691 #Mantled College Robes
0010d6a4 #Mantled College Robes
00041f95 #Mark of Dibella
000240d6 #Mehrunes’ Razor Scabbard
00037ce9 #Mercer’s Plans
0004e4e6 #Meridia’s Beacon
0006f266 #Model Ship
0004de5b #Nahkriin’s Dragon Priest Staff
0010cee5 #Novice Robes
000c4f2e #Nurelion’s Mixture
0003e6bb #Opaque Vessel
0003e6bc #Opaque Vessel
0008d770 #Opaque Vessel
00044e65 #Ornate Drinking Horn
0004286c #Pelagius’ Hip Bone
00073f3f #Persisting Magicka Poison
00073f47 #Persisting Stamina Poison
0002baab #Pest Poison
0003eaff #Philter of Enhanced Stamina
0009e01f #Potema’s Skull
00073f92 #Potent Recovery Poison
00073f8d #Potent Vigor Poison
0010e039 #Prisoner’s Cuffs
00065b9b #Psiijic Boots
00065b9d #Psiijic Gloves
00065B99 #Psiijic Hood
00065B94 #Psiijic Robes
00019958 #Queen Bee Statue
000c04bb #Quill of Gemination
0010cff2 #Red Robes
000e0dd0 #Redguard Clothes
000e84c6 #Refined Tunic
0003a3dd #Runed Lexicon
000457ab #Sealed Scroll
000c7cbd #Sheogorath Boots
000c7cbb #Sheogorath Outfit
000f1491 #Silver Hand Stratagem
0002ac62 #Sinding’s Skin
000dc52e #StormCloak Documents
00026c31 #Tolfdir’s Alembic
000a34f8 #Torc of Labyrinthian
00094e40 #Treated Soul Gem
0005bf19 #Tsun’s Battle Axe
0005bf16 #Tsun’s Battle Axe
0005bf1a #Tsun’s Battle Axe
0005bf18 #Tsun’s Battle Axe
00073f40 #Unceasing Magicka Poison
00073f48 #Unceasing Stamina Poison
0005661f #Unknown Potion
0002c25c #Unmelting Snow
0009dfbb #Unusual Gem
000fe6a9 #Werewolf Pelt
000e3146 #Werewolf Totem
000e3147 #Werewolf Totem
000e3148 #Werewolf Totem

Your posts are so…detailed…and I love it. How can I add someone to be my follower?
Also, how can I make my own enchanted items, like with what you did with the Vivid rings?

To make someone your follower
Open the Console and click the person. Their id will be displayed at the top/center of the Console panel. Then type these commands:
SetRelationshipRank 14 3
AddToFaction 5C84D 3
AddToFaction 5A1A4 3

That will add the dialogue option, something like “I need your help. Follow me.” if it is possible to add it. Certain people like guild members require you to be a member in their faction before they will follow you. There are 1084 Factions. All of them are listed here: http://skyrim.mmo-game.eu/lists-npcs-and-factions/#faction A few useful one’s are:
0005C84D #Potential Follower
00019809 #Potential Marriage
0003692E #Dungeon Creatures
0005A1A4 #Player Ally
000E0CD9 #Bandit Ally
000E0CDA #Warlock Ally
000E0CDB #Draugr Ally

If you want to make a copy of someone and have that clone follow you, you would type:
Player.PlaceAtMe <npc id>
To get the NPC id, search for the character on the webpage I linked above. There are 5118 of them. You can not make animals or creatures follow you.

You can also use faction codes on yourself. You could type:
Player.AddToFaction 3692E 3
to add yourself to the Dungeon Creatures faction and they would no longer attack you.
To remove a faction you use a -1 instead of the 3 at the end. 0 is the lowest rank. 3 is the highest in most cases.
Player.AddToFaction 3692E -1

Base Id and Reference IdThis applies to NPC’s, Objects, Items, and all other physical objects in the world. It has nothing to do with spells and effects. Imagine this. You have a folder on your desktop that is full of text files. Each text file contains all of the information about a single physical object that can be created. The names of those text files are like Base Id’s. When you create one of those in the world (i.e. you drag the file to the desktop) it makes a copy of it (like a Shortcut in Windows). The shortcut on your desktop would be the Reference Id. Confused yet? All you need to know is that when you want to alter something that already exists in the world you will be using the Reference Id. And when you want to make something new, you need to use the Base Id.
When you’re on a character page like http://www.uesp.net/wiki/SkyrimDerkeethus you will see both Id numbers listed.
If you want to alter the guy named Derkeethus as he was created by the game, you would use the reference id 1B08D. To give him an apple you would type:
1B08D.AddItem 64B2F 1
But if you want to make a new copy of him you would use his Base Id 1403E.
Player.PlaceAtMe 1403E
Then you would click him to get his new Reference Id.
Each new copy has it’s own reference Id.
Id’s of Objects that you create will always start with “ff”.

How To Console-Enchant Items
It’s very simple. Type:
PlayerEnchantObject <objectid> <enchantment1> <enchantment2>
Notice there is no . after Player in this command.
Items that you make this way will be added to your inventory.
The object id’s can be found here Skyrim:Items - UESPWiki
The enchantment id’s can be found at Skyrim:Enchanting Effects - UESPWiki
You don’t have to type anything for enchantment2 if you don’t want it.
Items made this way can not be disenchanted to learn their effects.
You can also look through this list http://skyrim.mmo-game.eu/lists-all-spells-enchants-magic-effects/ of Magic and Spell Effects. Some of them work, some don’t. Most with “FFSelf” in the title can be used on clothing, and most with “FFContact” in the title can be used on weapons.
You can not add an enchantment on an object that already has an enchantment.
You can not name items you create this way. They will have the original item name.
Some of the effects don’t have text with them so it may appear that the item is not enchanted when you look at it in the inventory.
Some of the effects will say they have a 0 duration but they will last as long as you have the ring on.
The effectiveness/power of the items you enchant with the console depends on your Enchanting skill level. If you want to make a powerful item for someone you will need to increase their Enchating stat, make the item, then reset their Enchanting stat.

Increase/Decrease Stats
To see what value you already have, type:
Player.GetAv <attribute>
Attribute codes can be found at http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Tes5Mod:Actor_Value_Indices
To set it to a new value you would type:
Player.SetAv <attribute> <value>
Player.SetAv CarryWeight 800
Player.SetAv Health 500
Player.SetAv Enchanting 9001
Player.SetAv DragonSouls 100

The codes listed on that page that have a Type of “AI” or “Status” can not be changed. A Type of “unk” means Unknown, or rather the people who contribute to that site have not fully tested those yet.

Here are a few more Vivid Rings I’ve made:
PlayerEnchantObject 1CF2B 104D4A 7F423 #Ring of Frost and Storm Effects
PlayerEnchantObject 1CF2B EBEA8 EB86E #Ring of Necro Effects
PlayerEnchantObject 1CF2B E3CBB BF742 #Ring of Party Time 2
PlayerEnchantObject 1CF2B 106E1D 9B2B3 #Ring of Suicide
PlayerEnchantObject 1CF2B 10DE17 FD80B #Ring of Vampire 2
PlayerEnchantObject 1CF2B 103647 #Ring of Ghostveil
PlayerEnchantObject 1CF2B F71D2 #Ring of Draugr Eyes
PlayerEnchantObject 1CF2B E3CBA #Ring of Slow Walk
PlayerEnchantObject 1CF2B 9AA37 #Ring of Spriggan Swarm
PlayerEnchantObject 1CF2B 10D96B 10D96C # Ring of Well Rested Lover’s Comfort

#You will still look like a ghost after removing the Ghost rings listed below.
#Use [Player.SetActorAlpha 100] to set your transparency to normal.
#360 players can not undo the effects of these rings.
PlayerEnchantObject 1CF2B 1034CB #Permanent Purple Ghost
PlayerEnchantObject 1CF2B 5030E #Permanent Blue Ghost
PlayerEnchantObject 1CF2B D339A #Permanent White Ghost
PlayerEnchantObject 1CF2B ED5FF #Permanent Fire Ghost
PlayerEnchantObject 1CF2B D339E #Permanent Storm Ghost
PlayerEnchantObject 1CF2B ED600 #Permanent Frost Ghost

I don’t where you get off making rules for other people’s threads, especially when he clearly said I can do so in the very beginning of his post, in bold no less.

Thanks. :smile: I was wondering what the following commands do:


And what the commands are to make Persuade, Intimidate and Bribe work 100% of the time?

I could guess but I don’t know exactly what those “…Condition” codes do. I’ve never tested them myself, and it seems no one else has because they’re still marked as Unknown. I would think that either they are a Status, meaning they are values that we can check but not set, or they are values that we can set on NPC characters and not the Player. I just checked and all of them are set to 100 on my character.

Persuade chance depends only on the Speech level. Intimidate chance depends on your Speech level and your character level. Bribe either works or doesn’t and it depends on the character you’re talking to. To make Persuade work every time you would increase Speech to anything over 100 and you should be okay. You could also grant the 13 Speech Perks for extra bonuses. If your Speech is 200 and you have all Speech Perks then I would guess that Intimidate would always work no matter what character level you are at. I can’t imagine Intimidate not working if we set your Speech to 900.