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Slay the Spire Cheats and Trainer


May we please get and update or a progress notes on what is happening? It has been about a month and an half with no answer from STiNGERR.


yeah @STiNGERR can you tell us whats going on and when are you going to fix please


Yes please I’d love to have these mods please tell us when you get the chance, thanks, God Bless.


Up ! Some info ?


is this being worked on


It doesn’t work


I’m really exited for these trainers to be up and running again


It has been about 4 months now with no update. It would be nice to at least know what is happening with this trainer.


update when?


@STiNGERR plz updoot and add unlimited money if you can plz thanks


You need to vote if it needs an updoot


We need to vote ?? When the mod appears he doesn’t work … Plz


yeah… we have to vote for mods that haven’t worked since the first version and the creator hasn’t put up any updates or info.


How do we vote to get this updooted? Still doesn’t work :frowning:


In the app. Should be in games , requests if it needs updooted



It think it’s on the latest version so there’s no option to update it, but there’s been many version updates to the game :frowning: