Sledgehammer upset about Call of Duty: Advance Warfare being Stolen and Leak

Some of us where aware of the Call of Duty: Advance Warfare leak and its been confirm by the Head Studio of Sledgehammer games himself that he’s up set that the game the studio been working on for over 3 years has been leaked. He tweeted it out, here’s the link to the tweet or just read it below. I personally kinda feel bad but it happens to every Call of Duty. When it happened in Modern Warfare 3, he decided to keep quite about it.

We took 3 years 2 make a game. Kept it quiet 4 the fans & it has to be stolen & leaked a week b4. That sucks. A real bummer. Thanks a lot. - Glen Schofield(Head of SHGames Studios)

I was literally just reading the leaks on Charlie Intel, and then I went to the guys twitter (the one who leaked info) and he was apologizing for leaking everything…still excited for everything

It will always happen… though, how did the person get an early release to leak?

Where can this “leak” be found?

Always check Charlie Intel :smile:

Maybe if he new how 2 rite it wouldnt b leeked

Think he wrote like that to fit it into one tweet.

Dus thee kreater no huw too spill?
Dud he fall skool or sumthiig?

Coming from the guy who spelt “right” incorrectly… and uses the number 2 in place of “to” instead… and forgot to add in the word “wouldn’t”… and missed out an e from the word “be”…

Wow, that was just all in one post too! :wink:

EDIT: Oh wait! I found another, you didn’t spell new correct either, it’s like this… “knew”!

Lol, you thought that was by mistake. :stuck_out_tongue:
He obviously did that intentionally.

Why would you make a ‘mistake’ like that on purpose?! That will be like me driving my car through a wall on purpose and just hoping the insurance company will think it was an accident. :stuck_out_tongue:

He was acting like the dude in the tweet…

He was being ironic on purpose, to make fun of the original spelling.

Oh boy…

All i can think of right now is

Full game leak?

3 years, more like 9 months lol.

Hopefully you understand the sarcasm.