Sleeping Dogs [Advanced] V1.0.2.0

Sleeping Dogs Save Editor Version

All credits go to the creator as this is not made by me

Creator : Jappi88

About :

This is Application is for editing the saveGame for sleeping Dogs.

It Can edit your Upgrade Points / XP Points , Statistics , And All Collectibles.

it Can also max out Health (gives 2x much health)

Offical Thread:Sleeping Dogs [Advanced] V1.0.2.0

How to use :

  1. Open or Drag&Drop your HK SaveGame… Must be a Full STFS , no extraction Needed.
  2. Then Edit The values and check the stuff u want Unlocked.
  3. Hit “Save” for saving the Changes and rehash/Resign.
  4. Transfer the save Back to Your MU Device , and Profit.

Note : The Completion May NOT work yet… , it will reset upon loading , so i know about it , fix is in the work.

Future Plans :

Adding Slot editor , for adding a weapon to your DPad
Adding the ability to Add/Remove Assets.
Maybe More.

Note ! This is Still WIP

Enjoy !

Download Link :

  • like if you found this useful :smiley:

worked like a calm thanks for posting

is there any method of doing this with a pc savegame?

Use trainer by ligon