Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition Cheats and Trainer for Steam

none of the options work for me, no matter what I do

Ok so can someone explain how the teleport works on here like can I use it to teleport to waypoints on the map? If so please Explain how.

Hey, i have a problem with that. My sleeping dogs game is on 32bit and everytime when I want to start the game or launch the trainer, Im getting an error that says the trainer is created for 64bit versions. Is it in any way possible to run the trainer or not. It would be very nice when anybody could help.

Are you using the definitive edition ? Wont work for standard version,
It definitive start game from steam first , alt tab out then press play in wemod after game is running

Yeah I have the definitive edition but cracked. I just tried it like you sad but still doesnt work.

We thats another problem. We dont support cracked games here and most likely your version is out of date

This also works for the GoG edition.

Hello. I would like to ask if there’s a FOV cheat that you guys can add to this game? It would be very useful. Not a phone camera FOV but a gameplay FOV. Thanks in advance.

Hi, I was wondering if the one hit KO’S can be applied to the car races, and if not please make it happen. Thank you.

Its been over 30 minutes when will the trainer mods load?

What’s infinity? Mine been loading forever

Before they rebranded it WeMod was called Infinity

Years later and this is still somehow an issue. I even searched for a save editor or cheat table to reset the points, but no luck. The only options are to either use this cheat after that point and permanently have extra points that you can’t possibly spend, or just not use this cheat. Please update trainer to change the skill tree points cheats to either specific amounts, or add 1 point on execute instead of toggle, or add another cheat to reset points after use. Another possible option could be to make the XP cheats also add the amount of points normally gained from reaching the top level of that tree. Please don’t ignore your users.

Other than the skill tree related cheats, this trainer works well, so thank you for that.

yeah same here it doesnt work

Hey @STiNGERR, I would like to know if this is possible to add the possibility to make appear a pistol or something like that or #add pistol.

Thank you :slight_smile: