Slim Failed to Update with a status code. Help please?

had a slim that is trying to update but anytime i try i get failed to update with this status code


tried using a usb and downloading the dash from

According to the Xbox forums, you need to get it repaired.
Re: Status Code 396B-397D-1380-0700-C000-000E - 02 - Connecting to Xbox LIVE - Xbox Support - Forums -

So they do not say what he issue is specifically unfortunately.

thats not the same error code

mine is 396B-3F45-1780-0700-C000-000E

that is 396B-397D-1380-0700-C000-000E

Is your console flashed?

If yes. Is it spoofed?

its just a stock one

i updated it from 13xxxx a while ago to 14719 and worked fine

Try these 2 things if you have not already.

Try updating with your HDD out of the unit.

Clear your HDD cache. Go to your HDD in system settings, hover over your HDD, press Y, clear cache.

its a 4gb slim

i took an hdd from a 20gb hdd a put it it but its out now. dont think it was updated with the hdd or it could have. could that have affected it?

ill try clearing the cache

According to your error, the update can’t be downloaded from xbox live.

Open Me

The update could not be downloaded from Xbox LIVE. Try the following:

Try installing the update again.
If you’re having problems connecting or staying connected to Xbox LIVE, see Xbox LIVE connection problems.
Note You can also update your console software by copying the update to a USB flash drive or CD. See Troubleshoot console software update problems.

It might not be downloading if you don’t have enough HDD space. Try updating with the HDD if you are saying you haven’t.

It is the same code. The code you posted is irrelevant because it is unique and created by your console.

Xbox Error Codes | Console Software Update Errors | Update Error Codes -

well its a 4gb hdd and i would think M$ would allow you to update to live with it

also there’s like 3gb left out of the 4.

and i have tried downloading it from and gives the same error has the newest 16xxx dash up on their site, and since they were putting it out in different areas on different dates could it be that i haven’t gotten the update for it yet and which is why i cant update?

Hm, you have plenty of space left for an update.
Use this link for your code: Link

According to MS, you dont have the “Console repair” error. Just a failed download error.

Do you get a different error when you try to download from XBL and when you use a USB?

no it gives the same error

tried the 15xxx dash and that still wont work

i posted on their forum so hopefully i can find something tomorrow