Slim keeps freezing, help

I just bought my slim back in August and it’s worked fine until today, when after being off for a good 14 hours, I turned it on played a game for 10 minutes and the screen froze. Since that happened I haven’t been able to keep it on for more than 30 minutes without it freezing, even if I’m just sitting on the dashboard.

If anyone can help, I would appreciate it.

Is it in a confined space?

You could always contact:
04 - Using my console - 04 - Using my console - Xbox Support - Forums -

There are several solutions on there.

Try clearing your system Cache

Already did, didn’t work.

And it’s not in a confined space, it has a good 4 feet on every side.

Well what it might come down to is your system will soon completley Rrod. I repair the original xboxs, and your GPU chip may need a reflow. That is only if you have tried all other possible software fixes.

teardown on the slim:

Ok, Just tried to turn it on after it froze again and I got E68…

Oh and it works fine offline.

E68 is a hard-drive error. Try removing your hard-drive and inserting it back in.

When I go on gow 3 after about twenty minits later it freezes but only only on gears and also I modded my friend to and he freezes help plz I got the slim my mats got the elite WTF

yeah i agree i think its the hard drive maybe i really dont know

Delete your account, and try recovering it back. My Neighbor had the same issue. and for some odd reason it worked.

This is why you buy a…

Open Me

PS2? lol

Because I left mine on by a hot light, it has burned all the plastic and has re-shaped, still works.

INVINCIBLE! :thumbsup:

What kind of modding? flashing, game saves, reset glitch?