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Slime Rancher Cheats and Trainer for Steam


oh maybe even do some of those scroll weel things for stuff like garden growth speed and those things


CrocO, This has happened to all of us due to the Automatic update, But do not worry! STN Will hopefully get it fixed soon.


k thx for telling me Bear3815


Yeah i think trainer needs a update too, hopefully STN will shortly work on that. is hard to play the game without money you know.


Don’t know if its just me but every day in real life (I have been using infinity for 2 days) at my ranch my character and my slimes just falls through the floor like its not a real object.I can see it but it still acts like its not there until I turn off my game and turn it back on.Can anyone please help me with this?


I wonder how many games STN does work on updating. Also what Real Life things they may have that have to come first. I say this because I would imagine such issues can delay any of the people who work on parts of the program.


Now that version 5 is out i think he will do lots of updating now


I updated this game several times, just a month ago i updated it and urged everyone to enable VG. I have been doing nothing but updating games the past couple months.

Gonna work on releasing new trainers, i think that will benefit wemod more than continuously updating trainers. Also because versionguard is completely free and released and people still choose to not use it and go back to the old ways of game breaking trainers and waiting for updates, well then go wait for updates.


I do not know if this is helpful or not, but I am playing the newest version. (New version with drones and such.) But none of the cheats seem to be working. I do not know if its a certain mode like adventure, casual, etc. or some special combo i have to do. Please help!

(Note:) Not to sound rude or needy btw. I am just very confused on why the cheats will work for other games but not for this one. If somebody can help me with some troubleshooting weblink or anything I will gladly appreciate it.


See above your post from the " trainer maker "


While I have been wanting to respect our dear Maker’s time, there has still been no appreciable update to correct the lack of most of the cheats. Inventory works, but not Health and Energy. I cannot comment on Money since I only use it at the start of a new game, and I have avoided starting a new one so I don’t lose my ornament collection.

This feels like us humble ranchers simply are no longer important enough to have working mods.


I am trying to use the mods but i turn it on and it just turns its self back off


The game needs updated. Can vote for update through the app


Vote for an update


Where is the voting option? I can’t find it. I know I have seen it, but that was before the big update to the WeMod program itself and it has been moved, or so it seems.



Helpful, STN, but there is no place to put in a vote for Slime Rancher. All I can guess is that screenshot is showing Pro features that I don’t have, and if that’s so, it seems that I can’t vote unless I pay out for Pro.


It isn’t a Pro feature. According to our internal testers slime rancher worked as of the last update so there is no need for update request.


Then your internal testers get different results to me. I guess I will cope, but I miss the infinite energy allowing me to fly out to some of the invisible islands.


Unlimited items stopped working while i was shooting quantem slimes everywhere.