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Slime Rancher Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Don’t know why it’s not re-activating for you, i checked the script and everything is as it should be.


So weird. I do the same thing I do to activate it the first time (shoot then trigger) so I wonder why it always forces me to reboot the game if I ever want to reactivate it again. :confused:


Well it is a unity game. One weird thing i’ve seen happen in unity games is the function gets its duplicates made in memory if you modify it, perhaps that’s what happening. You use it once, another copy of function is made, you disable it and then reactivating causes wrong function to be injected to.

Is this the only cheat it’s happening to? I’ll take a look, maybe its something else i’ve overlooked.


Yep, the only one. The rest I can deactivate and reactivate with no problems.


i try to run slime rancher through infinity but it just starts up and self closes itself


Launch it yourself then attach?


will this be updated for the latest patch?


It will as soon as STN sees the messages and has time


There was an update?


Yep! Today:
You can hold up to 100 in each slot now too.


I love the new update adding a lot of things Can’t wait for the Trainer and Cheatsto get updated


same! I hope the “max” infinite slots can be made higher than 20 too.


@STN Can you add Slime Rancher v0.5.1, to the update list please & Thank You :grinning:.


Done, thanks for reminding me (i thought i did). I’ll start working on updates in a day or two


yay thank you!!


hey how do use the ultimate money cheat. I toggle it on pick something up to sell and it doesn’t work.

actually none of the cheats are working. how do u use them. tried so many combinations of shooting an toggling


The cheats aren’t working right now due to the recent update. @STN had it on their to-do list.


noooooo. okay thanks for letting me know


they are buggy then. I got them to happen once, then they stopped


I haven’t gotten them to work at all since the update so…