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Slime Rancher Cheats and Trainer for Steam


same hereee




Infinity doesn’t recognize that the game has been launched, causing it to be unable to hack the game. It worked before, so I believe that the updates are to blame. It’s stopped working since the 1.0.1 update


So slime ranchers the mod needs a bug fix if you’re saying that?


that’s a pretty big STRETCH don’t ya think? I’m sorry I’ve been playing to much undertale and listening to sans puns.


I finally fixed it for steam version (i think) but the pusher service is down it seems so updated trainer can’t reach to you yet.

Waiting for @frank to wake up to fix it.


The Slime Rancher cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


I can say I just tried it with all the cheats and it works perfect for me thanks
Even tho its not my type of game


@STN I ran multiple tests on The Mod everything’s working perfectly thank you for all the work you done keep up the good work we all appreciate it.


@STN The trainer needs unlimited slime keys. I can do it with cheat engine but i would prefer to have the option with the rest of the cheats instead of having to do it separate. is there any way you can do that?


Honestly I’m not STN but I would think that it would have to go into the deep end of the pool where whenever you would set the unlimited slime keys on it would have to trick the game into thinking you overfed a Gordo and the fact that whenever you overfed a Gordo you get 10 or so of each slime and 2 boxes. Where would those go? I mean, I’ll let STN speak for themselves but I would think that you would have to find that part of code and set the connection to the boxes and slimes to false. I don’t know what I’m saying. You . Probaly just wasted your time reading this. Im sorry.


STN would know what to do if he decide to add it.
Still though, he have a lot to do atm.

So i bet it most likely wont get added anyday soon.
About the keys though. Since you guys have Unlimited Health you can go around getting the food giving the gordo without getting killed.

I know its not the same but its something while waiting for a feedback from STN on the matter


I have no idea what slime keys are. You will have to share your savegame with me


@STN When I get another slime key in my inventory I will share the save. the slime keys are keys you get from exploding a gordo slime. It unlocks different parts of the world you can not get to just yet but as @justiebeell you would probably have to go deep into the code to get the game thinking you have unlimited keys as with the newest version my cheat engine is having a hard time finding the right path for the keys. IDK if they changed the key path or randomized it or what but ive only been able to isolate it a few times and the patch i change will work till i exit the game then when i exit and come back i have no keys in my inventory and have to re-isolate the path which is apparently different when i load the game again.


I’ll see. So far i need to see what gordo slime is and the key =)


Alright alright alright alright gigging giggity


@STN gordos are not hard to understand. they have been in the game for a while. there the big fat slimes that dont move


When I try to open Slime Rancher from Infinity, the game opens but I cant use the cheats, Infinity say’s it the game isn’t open but the game is open!


What’s your game source?


sadly… the internet, but the first time I used infinity with slime rancher it worked.