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Slime Rancher Cheats and Trainer for Steam


I love this trainer but i wish you could do more with unlimited things. Like resources, food, even plorts.


Even though Unlimited Slimes maxes out to 20, it also has a bug (or feature, idk) where it sets anything in containers to 20. I would like to see it also be able to update to max out for larger containers (aka, when you buy storage upgrades and/or containers with items with amounts larger than 20)


i have a cracked version and i relay want to play this mod how do i do it


Get the latest version


could u possibly add give slime key cheat please? trouble fining them


You get them by feeding the big slimes all around the map.
Fairly easy to obtain them. I think STN said he will add it when he gets the chance to do so.


does it work on pirated version?


i just cant get it to work


You answered your own question.


Yes and get the latest version ( be a better pirate).


the infinite slimes cheat is extreamly glitchy and almost never works


can somebody help i tried to do the unlimited coin cheat but i selled and bought things and still nothing i have 64 - bit game and health and stamina cheats didn§t work either


Norton DNS is detecting ransom.cry relating to the slime rancher trainer and preventing access to the site. And it appears that the site certificate has expired as well.


Can confirm, pc currently with pirates. I need to give them 300 euro-dollars or they will throw it in the sea.


Get a better AV. Just my opinion


@yxkillz doesn’t almost every trainer you download say it’s a virus ?
Just allow it in your antivirus thats all


It’s a false positive.


I am familiar with false positives on Trainers and the likes but this one stood out to me as it was the dns system that caught it. So I thought I’d just put it up here and see what others and the maker has to say about it.


Just a quick rundown of my network setup. I have not downloaded the trainer, my local pc is not the one that detected it. I run a portion of my network through norton’s Safe dns service which is what triggered this when I attempted to enter the site.


Well I can tell you that Norton is the worst you could’ve picked. 90% of Nortons found “viruses” are false positives.