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Slime Rancher Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Yea I am aware. Which is why I don’t personally run any of their products at the device level. Just had a portion of traffic go through their dns service just to see what they say. And as a precaution I just thought I’d put it up here.


Maybe Infinite Slime keys? Unlock maps? Unlock all upgrades and blueprints? Have full materials in the refinery? Time control? I don’t know if it’s possible with infinity but be able to choose what material is in each slot?


Maybe Go Pro?

This trainer isn’t used by anybody for me to work on it and add more options.


Hey just wanted to say thanks for the great trainer! I know this game isn’t very popular for most but its cute and I adore it. So thank you, for having this trainer. Though it could use some new options, but regardless its fine the way it is. Keep up the good work with all the games you do.


Isn’t this on windows as well? If it is. Love to see it supported.


2 up stn said he don’t even wanna work on this one let alone make another trainer for Windows store version


Ide use it if it was made for it.


I don’t know how to use the infinite money cheat. I turned it on and nothing happened


I think the latest update has caused some of the cheats to not work at all. The Health and Energy cheats are not working at the moment. The Inventory one seems to still be working at least, but it’s not easy to explore the new area - the Wilds - without the very useful infinite health and energy.


Probably have to add it to your long list @STN


my slime rancher mods/cheats are not working can anyone help?


after the last update from slime rancher the tools dont work anymore


The unlimited stamina does not work IDK why?


Hacker200, everything is currently down except inventory since the last update of the game. At least I can still use inventory to cheat in more ginger, kookadoba, and various chickadoos.


I can’t get the Slime Rancher money cheat or infinite energy cheat to work. Please help! D:


A temp solution for extra money, because the inventory cheat is still working, empty out all your tanks, feeders, plort collectors and storage, then engage the inventory cheat to multiply something of good value. If you have a gold plort, that would be ideal, but if not, pick your best value plort.

The reason why I recommend emptying out all storage first is that if you have over 20 of anything in any of them, it will cut those down to 20. You could leave stuff in them if you have less than 20 though, because you will come out for the better.

Also, you can shoot your chosen item into any empty silo tank and/or warp depots. Once you turn off the inventory cheat, empty them all out and you have a pile of the item.

I tend to use this trick for Kookadoba, since the Wilds can be risky without the health and energy cheats working, I have also used it to stock up on the various breeds of hens.

For the rest of the cheats, you are just going to have to play carefully. Judge jumps with care, and try to avoid getting into the middle of a pile of feral slimes, because I did get knocked out on my first trip to the Wilds by getting beaten up by the Saber Largos. It was annoying because I lost my kookadoba.


The Slime Rancher cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


Thank you!


Unlimited Health Doesn’t Work for me,
Unlimited Slimes Breaks After One Use.

How do I fix that? Also,

Can you make a Cheat / Trainer where you can get Any Resource / Slime / Plorts you want in your Inventory?


The Money Cheat can be Used another way with Cheat Engine,
The Infinite Energy Cheat, is not working because You didn’t waste a bunch of energy and wait for it to recharge.