Slime Rancher Cheats and Trainer for Steam

My mods work okay as far as I can tell but the infinite ammo mod is making everything including my storage revert to 99 when I use it. Example, I have 198 rock plorts in storage and I use F6 to activate infinite ammo, it sets my tank space to 99 everything and my storage is then reverted to 99. Can this be set to not do the stuff in storages? It does it to all on my entire farm.

No Radiation crashes the game without any warning.

Hi there, may I know where did you purchase your game from?

I play on Steam and as soon as I load the game, it crashes. I’ve tried hitting “Play” thru the app. I tried loading the game first, then clicking “Play” in the app. As soon as I do, the game crashes back to desktop. It was working fine yesterday. It was recently updated, so maybe that’s why?