Slowing down my laptop

I know for a fact that it’s Infinity doing this because I tested the same game with this and MrAntiFun’s trainer, why does it slow down my laptop just to have Infinity open? Dishonored used to run great with this, but today it just flopped down and the FPS was constantly under 25, which isn’t normal for my laptop. I’ve heard reports of Infinity using a lot of CPU, so I’m not sure if it’s that or something else. I can run Far Cry 5 and Sniper Elite 4 with higher FPS [on lowest settings], so I dunno what’s up with this struggling to run with Dishonored.

Here are my specs:

AMD FX-7500 Radeon R7, 10 Compute Cores, 6GPU, 4CPU, 2.1Ghz
12 GB of RAM [10.9 usable]
64-bit System, x64-based processor

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Give Infinity a clean restart by closing it from the system tray and try reinstalling.

We’re currently looking into this issue and will hopefully have it resolved soon.


I have tried both of those, and re-installed Version Guard as well. Still happening. Thank you for the advice, though, I wish it worked ;-;

We’re still trying to figure out what’s causing this. Profiling the app on our end shows no CPU usage when idle, so there’s something going on with Electron (the framework Infinity is built on). We have to spend more time on it and possibly get some outside assistance. I’ll keep you updated.

The good news is that Infinity v5 seems to have normal CPU usage. We’ll see how it does in the wild.

i have noticed that infinity is affecting my fps too and heavily in inquisitor martyr and injustice 2 (though it’s a bigger hit on martyr) i7-2600k gtx ti 780 16gb ram - even when i dumped all grahpic settings to minimum - same thing - it makes the games barely playable/unplayable - it started happening 2-4 patches ago or something like that - it would be peachy if you could get to the bottom of this issue as it’s a major factor for its usage (it feels like if my pc was bitcoin farming when i press ‘play’ in infinity - before enabling it - having the app just run idle - this isn’t happening - so it’s even before you punch ON on any trainer)

Have this same problem

I’ve been having a similar problem. I downloaded the mod for NBA 2k22 and all was fine but the second my career game I played had half the frame rate as before so I thought it was just WeMod so I closed it and restarted 2k22 and now all my games are now running at half the performance