Smite for the Xbox One

With the Xbox One Smite Open Beta coming soon, existing PC players are rest assured that their progress will carry onto the Xbox One (XBO). Will Smite be a success on the Xbox One? It definitely has the potential. Unlike League of Legends and Dota 2, Smite will be the first MOBA on console. Smite is Free to Play with the option of in-game micro-transactions. As of January 11, 2015 there is a limited quantity of F2P games on the Xbox One. By releasing Smite as a F2P MOBA on XBO, surely this will increase the games popularity.

Why Smite will work on the Xbox One

In typical MOBA’s (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), League of Legends and Dota 2 the camera angle is above the battleground, shown below.

These MOBA’s are referred to as “Clickers”, the primary movement and attack commands are bound to your mouse. In Smite this is not necessary. Why? Unlike other MOBA’s, Smite is played in third person, shown below.

In the PC version of Smite movement is bound to the W A S and D, these keys will translate well to a controller. The left thumb stick will serve as the movement of your character as the right thumb stick will move the player camera.

Never played Smite? Here are the basics. The game features an array of 60+ gods that you may choose from.

Each god has a set of 5 unique skills.
[table=“width: 500, class: grid, align: center”]
[td]Skill Order[/td]
[td]Spell #1[/td]
[td]Spell #2[/td]
[td]Spell #3[/td]

Once you have chosen a god, you will be placed into an arena of five versus five players. There are three 5v5 game modes in Smite; Conquest, Arena and Assault. Conquest being a typical MOBA style game mode. The main objective of this mode is to assault the enemy defenses and destroy the Titans at the center of their base, while preventing the enemy from destroying yours. The first team to destroy the enemy Titan wins.

Map for Conquest:

Tips to Win Conquest


  • Teamwork is the key to success
  • Last hit minions to gain extra gold
  • Get to the opposing team’s Titan by killing minions and turrets
  • Use callouts to communicate with your team

Smite looks to be a promising F2P title on the Xbox One.

You may sign up for the Smite Xbox One Beta below

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