Sniper Elite 4 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

It is not working it hangs the game completely. I just checked.
Please check once or I can provide the video of the issue.

The whole screen goes blue once the game is started with wemod.
or if we start the game with steam first, then we do the alt+tab and turn on Wemod. game goes Blue screen and stuck there.

But game works great without activating Wemod.

Please sir, please once check it, I am willing to attach the video of the issue.

Nothing has changed in 7 years and you are the only user reporting that issue.

weird , giving me often blue screen. and sometimes game works without any issue.
damn ):

How do you change the game from 32 bits to 64 and how do you get it to be dx11? @Chris

The 32/64 bit error is likely due to using the wrong game version. When you click play on Steam there should be a launcher to select dx11 or dx12. If not it is in the game settings.

I didn’t see one.

Please, can someone do an update ? It often crashes and some of those cheats don’t work anymore, it’s pretty sad :confused:

I get the same and also it saying I have 32 bit version and no way to change it. I have looked and see none.