Snow is here yet again for GTA V Online I don’t know how long it’s here for so go enjoy it!

Here’s a pic I just took for proof.

Must be because it is Christmas Eve and Santa’s nearly here!

I just got on to do some races… ]:

Do you get the firework launcher from playing today ?


How? in “special crate” drops or something?

automatically added when you log in

From ammunation unless you’ve previously owned it, then it is given when you login

I was so happy when I got one of them special drops !

I didn’t get an awful lot of time to experience the weather alterations… :confused: By the time I came home from having Christmas dinner, I switched on the Xbox for a couple of hours and received nothing but connectivity issues due to Lizard Squad.

Oh well… perhaps next year? :smirk:

Due to issues with PSN & XBL connectivity, we’re extending the GTA Online Festive Surprise Christmas Day inventory gifts for the time being. - Rockstar Support.

The Christmas Day inventory gifts were:

  • Exclusive Stocking Mask
  • Body Armor
  • 3x - Proximity Mines
  • 3x - Molotovs
  • Firework Launcher + 5 Rockets
  • Carbine Rifle + 200 Rounds