So... HoloLens

Something I only used to see in the movies has now become a reality it seems. I can finally have my own “Jarvis”!

Microsoft have said they plan to have it on the shelves in the next five years.

  • How much do you think it cost to own one?
  • Would you buy one? If not, please state why. If you will, please state why.
  • How much do you THINK it’s worth or how much are you willing to spend to buy it?
  • Do you think the trailer above displays what it could really be like or do you thinks it a little exaggerated?

Trailer is exaggerated, I can’t see it being anywhere as near as good as that. It’s something that will progress in time. Its gonna be worth something extortionate like £1.5k.

I would want one but it’ll be too costly, I hope that it doesn’t have the failure Google Glass did.
I think it’s probably worth 800 manufacturing and I’d pay 1000 max and that’s if I’m sold and drop jawed about it

Im going to say it will cost 800 to 900. I’d buy it, but there is another alternative that will most likely be out a bit sooner. I’ll try to find its name in a second. As for if the technology is an exaggeration, it is not. You can do everything they did in their example with an oculus rift and leap attached already. The tricky part for them isn’t being able to do the said things, it is being able to make it seamless and efficient.

I agree, another thing is, will this be valuable in the future like old first time consoles? I could justify buying it as a collectors item

The trailer is impressive to say the least however, as mentioned, it does seem exaggerated to an extent. I don’t believe the projections would be as seamless as they are in the video, though I’m probably wrong, VR tech has gotten a tremendous amount of attention recently.

I would definitely buy it though, I just wouldn’t pay more than $1000 for it, it seems more of a novelty to me than something I’d use everyday. Other tech giants such as Apple will more than likely try their hand at a VR set eventually, so it’s probably too early to say whether or not I’d buy Microsoft’s specifically.

The technology isn’t much of an exaggeration at all. We already have VR used in work places such as the moverio by Espon if you have been paying attention to VR or AR over the years.

Also what should come out sooner than Hololens assuming it gets bought out.

I have seen it on the news and quite frankly I don’t see it too advanced. Although on the news, ABC news that is, they said they estimated the cost at $300, but I don’t know how believeable that is.

I too believe that the quality and features of this helmet is way over exaggerated. I’d believe it if it was the third or fourth generation of it. It’ll get better over time, just like that hoverboard that lifts off the ground 1 inch at max.