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So how does Windows 10 know WeMod is being used?

So how does Windows 10 know that WeMod is open? Any game played via Microsoft Store stops working especially while using WeMod. I get the Age of Empires Definitive Edition A Running Process may be Interfering with the Correct Operation error message.

So it would appear Windows can detect if you are cheating on Single Player Game Modes?

How do you stop it from doing that?

Make sure you are using the correct trainer
Can try and start game first then when in game alt tab out THEN press play in wemod after.


@ptondo shared the correct fix for your issue, which has also been mentioned in the official thread for the trainer here: Age of Empires: Definitive Edition Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Start the game first. Wait a couple minutes on the main menu. Alt+tab to WeMod, press Play. Alt+tab back to the game.
When trainers don’t work, always try again but launch the game first.


Much more helpful. But even with that method it would appear that eventually during the game Microsoft can detect it it Kicks you out of the game, back to the main menu where you cannot do the single player option or use the trainer. I use the Microsoft Store Version, Not Steam’s version.