So how is it?

It’s been leaked so you guys can play. What’s your opinions?

It’s probably like every other COD they made. Oh wait…

Yeah I kinda hope it isn’t. I want another ww2 game. I don’t think there are enough.

Got to level 10 - then they made me join into a modded lobby = lost my current stats lol. Thanks stupid moders…

Yea, modded lobbies already exist. Went from rank 28 to 48 in one kill.

Has anyone found out info about that supposed secret co-op game mode?

I saw a cut seen of it on YouTube earlier but it’s deleated now :anguished:

What’s the ranking system like? Prestiges? Or what.
And do you have to buy your weapon camos like the others?

It seems silly to me. Ghosts was bearable, but we haven’t had a good COD game since Black Ops 1 IMO. Personally, I’d like to see another WW2 themed COD game, or at least a COD game that isn’t futuristic. I think AW is just a copy and paste of Destiny and Halo, but that’s my opinion. I won’t be getting it.

I don’t know if I’m playing Stars Wars or Halo or Call of Duty. Personally I think the game isn’t complete the menu screen looks like a joke on the 360, but hopefully the game will look better on the One.

They have the original Call of Duty ranking system with Prestiges up to level 50. The class system is like Black Ops 2.

TBH im liking the game granted im not online ith my rgh but ive been playing a lot of campaign and its pretty awsome ive gone into a private lobby to play with bots and everything looked cool :smile:. I cant wait to get it for xbox one as 360 graphics hurt my eyes ahahaha.

Looks okay just like most of the latest ones we’ve gotten recently. That’s about it tho & i don’t plan on buying it although if someone buys the digital version. I’d be happy to do some gfx & or throw like $10 your way to license transfer lol.

Zombie thing looks interesting but that’s about it.

I am satisfied with it.

This is one of those gams you have to get for xbox one no modded lobbies everything is normal :smile:.

once the games officialy released and everything is being monitored modded lobbies wont be as common as it is just now on the public playlists.

but yeah i feel this game is gonna be so much better for the next gen consoles
also for the zombies mode i think it will probably need the playlist update to occur before it shows in the menu’s

Is it just me that likes the game? I hit level 50 last night it’s not hard to level up, it took me 9 hours all I have been playing is TDM so you will be able to level faster on different modes.

My only problem with it right now is that the servers suck but it’s always like that at the start of every cod.

Good **** dude. What’s your favorite gun?

nice kill confirms gonna be beast on this game…

as for the guns all the videos ive seen they look like they dont have much recoil…how is the guns?

Probably the AK12. Assault rifles seem pretty dominant in this game.

Yeah recoil seems non-existent on assault rifles that’s all I have been using.

So far, I like it! I had low expectations of it but it actually came through to be good. You can tell that it was Activition and Sledgehammer who designed the game as there are parts that remind you of Modern Warfare, but it handles much like a Black Ops game but in a good way.

Just wait until about week after release… It’s gonna be FREE recoveries from me for the community :thumbsup: