So I got a tablet

Going to try and improve so I can get better at cartoon / concept art.

Here’s my first little freehand I made:

There are a lot of tutorials for keeping with body proportions. Depending on how far you want to go into this, you should also read about shading. If you are just going to be making some type of drawing like swoozie does however, I think you’re doing fine as is.

Why a tablet?

Yeah, I’m watching some Mark Crilley videos at the moment.

It’s 100x better to use then using a mouse.

Right, but you can buy touch pens.

I nwver had a tablet, but I would love to see some illustrations fron you Hova. Also tablets are 100x better for illustrating, typography and pretty much everything with design, it opens vast areas with design. Enjoy the tablet Hova and please do some illustrations.

Still don’t know what you mean lol.

If you have a touch screen computer, you could buy the pens or some ****. Me personally, would like a tablet because it seems so much easier

Looks good Hova, try drawing some monsters, or draw a family =]

You can buy touch pens if you don’t have a touch screen monitor, that’s the point.

This is just an example


OP, are you referring to a Pen and Touch Tablet as oppose to a tablet in general?

What I linked is what I’m using. It’s a pen + touch tablet where I can use gestures like pinch to zoom and stuff.

I don’t think I’d ever buy a touchscreen monitor / laptop.

draw me plz bb

spot on 10/10