So I just got a $100 Call of Duty game for free

So back in May after Infinity Ward announced that Call of Duty Infinite Warfare was made available to pre order, I went and pre ordered the digital deluxe edition for $100, and it took the money from my bank account right away, all $100.

Well a couple of weeks after I pre ordered the game, I cancelled the pre order to get my money back because I had bills to pay and take care of. I got my money back 24 hours later, and after they cancelled my pre order, they told me that my pre order data would disappear from my Xbox One immediately, and I went on about my day without actually checking to make sure.

Fast forward 2 weeks later, I get a message from my friend, who I am game sharing with btw, and he is asking if I had cancelled my pre order. I told him yes and asked him why. He sent me a message saying Call of Duty was still pre ordered on his console. I went and checked the my games and apps section, and sure as hell, there it was, still pre ordered.

I waited for months to see if it would disappear, it didn’t. Then midnight rolled around, and my Xbox pops up with the notification that Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered are both ready to start. I tell my friend to not start up his game and be prepared to uninstall, just in case the games don’t work.

I started up infinite warfare, it told me it had an update, and once the update was done, it let me start the game. I did the same thing for Modern Warfare Remastered, and second verse, same as the first, it let me start the game as well.

I have not paid for this game at all, and personally, if it gets taken away from my account later on, I won’t care, because it’s free and I shouldn’t have had it any way, but at least, I will have gotten to enjoy it.

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments section below.

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I will say this though, when I successfully started up both games, my entire body was shaking from excite, as well as shock.

Enjoy! :100:

Or contact xbox and ask them to take it away.

I just find it hilarious, because I have called Xbox Customer Support in the past to get them to remove the pre order from my console, they said I did not have the game pre ordered at all, so they couldn’t take it away.

congrats :stuck_out_tongue: i get a free game every time i buy a gpu ^^ guess thats kinda the same thing? :smiley:

yea, it is something with their system I used to buy a game install it on 360 and contact them saying my brother got on an bought it adn they would refund and I would buy more games, I have a few games that I got free

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