So i made a new song


this is very different then what i usually make, but i like it and i hope you guys do to, it’s chill.

the girl in the photo is camila low, she is gorgeous.
she can be found here



if you enjoy be and have a soundcloud account be sure to like/follow i appreciate it! i’m almost at 3,000 followers <3


It may be different than your usual, but it’s still your work. I’m feeling it for sure.

My favorite Camila pic is this one, cause she’s texting her boy Steve Wonda for a late night hookup… I wish.

I’m working with her very soon, she’s going to be created me a voice tag! She is life, I’m so thirsty c;

Should have checked you out sooner, I like your sound a lot.

If I can remember my soundcloud login I’ll throw you a follow

Damn this sounds so dope man, keep it up.

As for the girl she is just an average girl to me.

Its awesome, Defiantly throwing you a follow!