So I pay for horizon and yet i'm still not satisfied

>.< So Im usually modding my games with a u.s.b flash drive and everyones saying you can’t modifiy black ops 2 with it? Why the hell not… Odds are who ever administrates it wouldn’t be capatable to keep up with spectating every game and as I go through the community list I see modified games all over it! I wish to either learn how to become a modifier or pay someone to give me the needed files to get this show on the road!

I haven’t been paying attention to the scene lately, but what you probably want to do requires a modified console that can run unsigned code. A regular xbox just can’t.

Are you talking about online or campaign? It’s not possible to mod online account with it. You can do campaign. But that’s it

Okay so you bought Horizon to modify Black Ops 2, well right there is your problem. The only way to mod Black Ops 2 is through a RGH/JTAG, there is no way that you could mod Black Ops 2 through Horizon or a USB.

The only thing you could mod in Black Ops 2 with Horizon is the campaign other than that you need a RGH/JTAG.

lol… Look i’m not trying to be a *** but don’t tell me you can’t modify a online account or you can only do campaign with black ops 2! Let me ask you this since you can’t be a Call of duty triligest… have you ever played online and you randomly get killed over and over again by invisable modders? Or how about this!!! Go on leaderboards for kills and click all players as a strict search and tap (X) to scroll to the top and TELL ME AGAIN THAT YOU CAN’T MOD CALL OF DUTY!

Finally!!! Some real talk! So can you explain to me what jtag/rgh is? What I would have to do to get this power into my finger tips?

First off, “trilligest” is not a word. Second off, the people that are on top of the leader boards have modified Xbox’s. Lastly, please stop…

You’re not gonna be spiderman…

As said before, you can only modify leaderboards, camos, etc. with an RGH or JTAG. That’s how they are there, from people hosting modded lobbies.

Horizon cannot do this, sorry.

Uhm, I am not trying to be rude, but you have no idea what you are talking about. First off you can mod Black Ops 2 online, but only with a RGH/JTAG. Your thread title is “So I pay for Horizon and yet I’m still not satisfied,” so clearly you thought you could mod Black Ops 2 with Horizon.

Then what the heck is Horizon, I must be strongly mislead!

Horizon is by far the best mod tool ever, duh! But in all seriousness, no mod tool can do this, only an RGH/JTAG (A system that can run unsigned code e.g run mod menus and such).

I’m sorry that you are upset but there is nothing we can do for you to get you to the tip top of the leaderboard.

Horizon isn’t just for modding Black Ops II, even though it cannot even do that.
Try out some of the other great tools such as the achievement unlocker and what not!

Anyways, going to close this. If you have anymore issues with Horizon, create a thread or PM me please!